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Security Awareness involves educating individuals within an organisation about potential cyber threats, safe online practices, and the importance of maintaining a security-conscious mindset. Security Awareness programs aim to empower employees to recognise and mitigate cybersecurity risks, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to social engineering attacks such as phishing or malware. Effective security awareness efforts encompass regular training sessions, simulated phishing exercises, and the dissemination of relevant information to foster a culture of cybersecurity vigilance.

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QR Code Phishing Attacks (Quishing): What To Know and How To Stay Secure

QR Code Phishing Attacks (Quishing): What To Know and How To Stay Secure

Another new kind of phishing attack is on the rise and it’s coming from an unexpected source: QR codes. Like with other kinds of phishing, this kind of attack leverages trust—trust in the QR code itself as well as the brand attached to it. So what does a QR-based phishing attack look like and how can you protect yourself one? Josh Cigna from Yubico explains...

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