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Karissa A. Breen

Karissa Breen, more commonly known as KB, is a serial entrepreneur that founded KBI.Media, the independent & agnostic global cybersecurity media company. KB is a Cybersecurity Investigative Journalist that hosts the flagship podcast, KBKast, interviewing cybersecurity practitioners from around the globe about security and the problems business executives face. KB likes to ask real questions and gets real answers from her guests, providing a unique yet neutral position on these topics. KB is the Producer & Host of the streaming show, 2Factors, where she asks questions to demystify the world of cybersecurity, providing insight into the world of security to business executives, and focuses on the downstream impacts these cybersecurity events have on our markets.

My Articles

Australian Public: How to add 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a necessity to ensure your daily security, no matter who you are. It can protect your social media accounts, banking accounts, email, or just about any other online service from being hacked. “How?” you ask. Well, let’s take a closer look at how it works and how to get it working fast. To keep your online identity as...

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Darktrace – Media Roundtable | Event Report

I was recently invited to a Roundtable Media Event held by Darktrace to unpack the new era of cyber security threats. Held on Thursday 16th June, it was led by Tony Jarvis, Director of Enterprise Security and Dave Palmer, Chief Product Officer. The following is a synopsis of the event and a deeper dive into what was covered.   Most Significant...

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