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Karissa A. Breen

Karissa Breen, more commonly known as KB, is a serial entrepreneur that founded KBI.Media, the independent & agnostic global cybersecurity media company. KB is a Cybersecurity Investigative Journalist that hosts the flagship podcast, KBKast, interviewing cybersecurity practitioners from around the globe about security and the problems business executives face. KB likes to ask real questions and gets real answers from her guests, providing a unique yet neutral position on these topics. KB is the Producer & Host of the streaming show, 2Factors, where she asks questions to demystify the world of cybersecurity, providing insight into the world of security to business executives, and focuses on the downstream impacts these cybersecurity events have on our markets.

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As virtual AGMs grow in popularity in Australia and potential cyber threats surge, protecting shareholder data is more important than ever.

CTO Marc Harper shares what steps organisations must take to keep their AGMs secure. Read his piece in @KBI_Media: https://hubs.li/Q01t_Ws00

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MyCISO Launches in Style

Thursday, 18th August, I was the MC of the MyCISO Launch event hosted at the stunning ‘Shell House’ in Sydney, Australia. The team has been working on the development of the MyCISO product for a number of years, so the launch was a huge milestone for them. The launch opened with guest speaker, Jan Schreuder, Co-Founder of the Cyber Leadership Institute: a...

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What I’ve Learnt as an Entrepreneur

What I’ve Learnt as an Entrepreneur

A few things I’ve learnt over the years of being an Entrepreneur. This changes for me all the time, our challenges become easier to tackle and what scares us varies. Ultimately, you learn so much, and I wanted to share what I’ve learnt so far.