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Offensive Security, in the context of cybersecurity, involves proactive and controlled efforts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within a system to simulate real-world cyber threats and assess the robustness of their defences. Offensive security encompasses activities such as penetration testing, ethical hacking, and red teaming, where skilled professionals mimic adversarial tactics to uncover weaknesses in networks, applications, or processes.

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Episode 158: Alton Johnson

Episode 158: Alton Johnson

ALTON JOHNSONFounder & Principal Security Consultant Alton Johnson is the Founder and Principal Security Consultant for Vonahi Security. Prior to Vonahi Security, Alton worked at several large and small cybersecurity consulting firms as a Principal Security Consultant. Throughout his professional career, he has performed hundreds of security assessments for organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 10. He is proficient in performing both traditional security assessments, such as network, physical, and application penetration testing, as well as advanced security assessments, such as red team engagements.   With over a decade of experience as a security consultant and over 10 ...

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