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Supply Chain cybersecurity refers to the measures and practices implemented to secure the interconnected network of organisations and processes involved in the production and distribution of goods and services.

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2024 Cybersecurity Predictions from CyberArk

2024 Cybersecurity Predictions from CyberArk

Over 2023, we’ve seen what I like to call the ‘verticalisation of cybersecurity’ taking effect, in that cybersecurity has finally taken centre stage in business discussions. cybersecurity’s impact on business is now recognised across all industries. It has become both a business concern and a disruptive force and has consequently become an integral part of organisations’ business agendas. This trend will be even more pronounced in the coming year and as we delve deeper into this trend, where cybersecurity becomes a pivotal aspect of every industry discussion, it's essential to acknowledge that while strides are being made in the right direction, the language and approach used to sustain these ...

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