ManageEngine Announces Integration With Constella Intelligence For Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management
Offers organisations 24/7 dark web monitoring to plug supply chain leaks
Posted: Wednesday, May 08
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  • ManageEngine Announces Integration With Constella Intelligence For Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management
ManageEngine Announces Integration With Constella Intelligence For Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Spots and notifies leaked credentials in the dark web before attackers exploit them, preventing breaches
  • Provides the first point of defence against supply chain risks and helps perform advanced analytics on the threat to determine the extent of the attacker’s steps
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Sydney, Australia — May 8, 2024 — ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. and a leading provider of enterprise IT management solutions, has announced the integration of its SIEM solution, Log360, with Constella Intelligence, a digital risk protection platform, in a move that equips organisations with a critical first line of defence against supply chain attacks. The integration was announced at the RSA Conference, taking place in San Francisco on May 6-9, 2024.

Gartner projects that 45% of organisations worldwide will experience a supply chain attack by 2025. By enabling proactive monitoring of both the deep and dark web for leaked credentials with this integration, Log360 empowers businesses to take immediate action and prevent cyberattacks, thereby safeguarding critical data and minimising operational disruptions.

Emphasising the value of this integration, Kevin Senator, CEO at Constella Intelligence, said, “Today’s interconnected business landscape demands proactive measures against the looming threat of supply chain attacks. With this integration, we are equipping organisations with a crucial first line of defence. By relentlessly hunting leaked credentials, we empower businesses to stay ahead of cyberthreats and safeguard their critical data and operations.”

According to Manikandan Thangaraj, vice president at ManageEngine, this integration acts as a force multiplier, empowering lean security teams in a climate of limited cybersecurity expertise.
“The cybercrime landscape is relentless, and skilled defenders are scarce. At ManageEngine, we have been deeply focused on strengthening the capabilities of our security suite of products, specifically Log360’s threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) module, to address these market challenges. Our latest addition—the integration with Constella Intelligence—shortens threat detection time by proactively uncovering leaks on the dark web. This integration empowers security operations centres to act faster, even with limited resources, and neutralise threats before they strike,” said Thangaraj.

Integration Benefits for Organisations

  • 24/7 dark web monitoring: This integration scans the deep and dark web continuously for leaked credentials associated with organisations, their employees and third-party vendors. This continuous monitoring ensures organisations are alerted about any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Proactive mitigation and supply chain collaboration: With this information, organisations can proactively engage with affected vendors to implement mitigation measures, like password resets and enhanced security protocols. This collaborative approach strengthens the entire supply chain’s security posture and minimises the attack surface.
  • Unified security response: Log360 correlates suspicious activities within networks with leaked credentials, potentially exposing a larger supply chain attack attempt. This unified view allows for a faster and more effective response.
  • Real-time alerts and threat intelligence: Upon detection of leaked credentials, organisations receive immediate alerts with details on the breach. Log360’s threat investigation console, the Incident Workbench, provides valuable insights into the source and scope of the leak, allowing organisations to understand its potential impact and whether it affects their supply chain partners.
  • Predictions to preempt attacks: Organisations can gain a deeper understanding of attacker behaviour and anticipate their next move. In the event of a compromised credential, organisations can leverage Log360’s Incident Workbench console, aided by contextual analytics, to conduct guided investigation to contain threats and minimise potential damage.

About Log360

Log360 is a unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities that detects, prioritises, investigates and responds to security threats. Vigil IQ, the solution’s TDIR module, combines threat intelligence, an analytical Incident Workbench, ML-based anomaly detection and rule-based attack detection techniques to detect sophisticated attacks, and it offers an incident management console for effectively remediating detected threats. Log360 provides holistic security visibility across on-premises, cloud and hybrid networks with its intuitive and advanced security analytics and monitoring capabilities. For more information about Log360, visit and follow the LinkedIn page for regular updates.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation that offers comprehensive on-premises and cloud-native IT and security operations management solutions for global organisations and managed service providers. Established and emerging enterprises—including nine of every 10 Fortune 100 organisations—rely on ManageEngine’s real-time IT management tools to ensure the optimal performance of their IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications, endpoints and more. ManageEngine has 18 data centres, 20 offices and 200+ channel partners worldwide to help organisations tightly align their business to IT.  For more information, please visit the company site, follow the company blog and get connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).


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