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By becoming a KBI Category Partner, you gain access to much more powerful ways of publishing and get better results.

KBI.Media PR Partners – Quick Reference

Firstly, you can read our full Publishing Policy at any stage before you sign-up, or even afterwards, to ensure you know the landscape of what we’re doing together. 

In short though, our mission is to provide the ultimate hub for cybersecurity professionals to stay current. That means we need PR Agencies like yours to:

  1. Publish Press/Media Releases to keep the industry abreast of news
  2. Original deep-dive articles (even if published elsewhere) offering thought leadership
  3. Help keep the ocean of content generated organised for people to read by selecting the correct taxonomies (mainly Categories) for all published content

On The Roadmap

On the roadmap are additional features & functions that we’ll be briefing you on as we release them over the coming months:

  • A library of webcasts for organisations to present their solutions to a global audience
  • Our Contributors program for industry heavy-hitters to promote their Personal Brand
  • A Threat Alert systems to provide cutting edge notifications on new cyber dangers
  • Our Event Support Services – bringing KBI’s expertise in live & online events to Partners
  • A Speaker Directory providing access to world-class presenters from around the globe
  • An exclusive cybersecurity Job Board
  • An cyber education & training portal from KBI and our Partners from around the world

If you have any additional ideas about what we can do to help you and the industry as a whole, we’re all ears!


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