Publishing Policy
How we manage & decide on what and how we publish articles, media releases, podcasts, and film.

KBI takes copyright infringement, plagiarism, and other violations of best practises in publishing extremely seriously. We strive to preserve our writers’ rights, and we carefully examine charges of plagiarism or misappropriation of published material. Similarly, we endeavour to safeguard the site’s reputation from misbehaviour. Duplication-checking software may be used to check submitted articles.

If an article is found to have plagiarised other work or included third-party copyright material without permission, or with insufficient acknowledgement, or if the authorship of the article is contested, we reserve the right to take action, including, but not limited to: publishing an erratum or corrigendum (correction); retracting the article; taking up the matter with the author’s company director or secretary.

The author must disclose any past distribution and/or publishing – if requested – of any portion of the content to the Editor for consideration and must provide proper attribution to the earlier distribution and/or publication of the material.

Furthermore, KBI does not accept fraudulent activity such as manipulating our review process or using submission or review farms (not legitimate third-party submission agencies). Unpublished contributions will be automatically rejected from further consideration on the site if KBI has strong suspicions or proof of such conduct, and any writer or company may be restricted in full or in part, from any future publishing expectations.

While we understand that analyst firms can prove to be valuable resources, the insights they provide are often skewed by their commercial models. Therefore, if articles are citing a source tied to an analyst firm known to have a ‘pay-to-play’ model, we will seek to independently verify the claims wherever possible.

We also request that any content published need keep any sales-focused copy to a minimum. By which, we must see value to our reading audience in every article, and while there may be a commercial imperative, it must nonetheless be ‘tastefully disguised’ through additional informative significance.
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If you want to sign-up for a free account to publish press releases and thought-leadership style content for your organisation, you can do so – no strings attached at all.

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