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Unlike every other security podcast, we don’t get stuck down in the technical weeds. Our remit is to speak with experts around the globe at the strategic level – how security technology can improve the experience and risk optimisation for every organisation.

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Episode 268 Deep Dive: Matt Preswick | Democratising Cloud Security – Will Security Become the Enabler to AI Usage?

Episode 268 Deep Dive: Matt Preswick | Democratising Cloud Security – Will Security Become the Enabler to AI Usage?

Matt Preswick is the Enterprise Solutions Engineer for Wiz in APJ, with experience in network, email and cloud security at leading security vendors in EMEA and APAC. Before joining Wiz, he lead operations at a Sydney based network analytics startup before returning to Cloud security with Wiz. Matt is passionate about developing scalable and actionable security practices within APJs largest organisations.

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Karissa Breen, who’s been crowned LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology, and is more commonly known as KB is a serial Entrepreneur who is the Co-Founder of TMFE Group, which is a holding company that holds three businesses relating to cybersecurity including, KBI.Media, KBI.Digital and MercSec. KBI.Media, are an independent and agnostic global cyber security multi-media company. KB who leads the journalism division and is a Cyber Security Investigative Journalist who hosts her flagship podcast, KBKast, and interviews cyber security practitioners around the globe about security and the problems business executives face. KB likes to ask real questions and gets real answers from her guests, providing a unique yet neutral position on these topics.

KB is the Producer and Host of the streaming show, , where she asks hard questions to demystify the world of cyber security, to provide insight of the world of security to businesses executives and focuses on the downstream impacts these cyber security events have on our markets. KB leads with her audience first and asks the hard questions to derive outcomes to her viewership. KB has interviewed cybersecurity practitioners in the public and private sector across the globe. KBKast, has been downloaded in 65 countries with more than 300K downloads globally. This podcast alone has an audience that controls billions in cyber capital.

She has developed an enviable public digital footprint through her social media profile and has grown her media and technology company to a globally recognised firm within the technology space. She has held solo and keynote speaking positions at innumerable conferences across APAC, USA, and Europe, delivering presentations on communication strategies for enterprise organisations, and appeared globally as a featured guest or subject matter specialist on countless programs.

Now leading a collective of specialist organisations, Karissa has taken companies in the technology sector from green field operations to market leaders within their niche. Through a mix of strategic consultation backed by a complex line of services, she helps organisations gain the visibility and traction they need to become global market leaders.

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