Get The Word Out

NGOs, start-ups, and global enterprise organisations all use us to access o a ready-made audience of influential cyber professionals and executives with the power to buy. 


Distribution with Purpose

We provide a clear and simple conduit for any organisation to submit their Press Releases or thought-provoking articles on cybersecurity for publishing.

Whether we actually publish it or not depends on three simple elements; 

  1. Is the topic relevant for our audience? – Does the main thrust of your submission provide insight to an audience of cybersecurity professionals?
  2. Is it written well (enough)? – We don’t need a thesis that’s worthy of peer review. It needs to flow logically and be checked for errors.
  3. Is it too self-serving? – This is for the community, not your sales targets! Make it valuable, and people will seek you out.

We don’t charge anyone for publishing content. If it’s good, it goes out. We also don’y paywall and content unlike most publications seems to these days. Anyone can read the content we’re creating and publishing on behalf of other organisations.

Broadsheet Sponsorship

If you already have content that you believe needs to get in front of the right people, we provide a direct line to decision-makers and influencers. To put your content front and centre with a proverbial neon sign around it, you can take ownership of your specific domain within cybersecurity.

For a fraction of what you might spend on Sponsored Content (that many execs skip past), you can plant your flag as a dominant player in your space.

At the top of your chosen Category Page, there will be a blurb about your company and a link to a page of your choice, along with a rather prominant logo. There’s a veritable tonne of other benefits that will help promote awareness of your company or solution too.


Category Ownership

Each of our Partners that take ownership of their own Category get their logo and a short pitch at the top of that page.


Content Services

We produce engaging content for organisations that want our specific expertise in cybersecurity.

They either want a unique spin on a topic or they may not have the in-house expertise to create the right assets they think they need to better connect with their intended audience.


Making a podcast doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take time, and the most time-consuming element is frequently the strategic planning required to set the right trajectory. Fortunately, KBI takes care of your podcast design, editing, & distribution to help your turn raw audio into professionally edited episodes, freeing you up to concentrate on other areas of your business operations.

Written Content

The written word has always been the main tool to convince more people than the voice can possibly reach. It is still the most powerful tool to show people why your business is unique, and how you can make a difference. With KBI, our written words are all about helping your audience understand why they need you and doing so clearly and concisely.


Getting your message in front of people can be tricky. Getting them to actually take it in is even harder. The best way to connect – other than in person – is film.  We’ve been creating corporate films for cybersecurity businesses since 2017, helping organisations like Palo Alto and IBM, and even dozens of start-ups educate and entertain their audiences.

What We Do

KBI.Media is The Voice of Cyber.

We broadcast some of the most important and informative cyber content from some of the largest organisations, governments, and promising start-ups from around the world.
We're also responsible for creating a lot of it..

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