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Episode 34: Lee Kagan
First Aired: June 25, 2020

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lee has been in the information security space since 2010. Working and consulting in various industries from financial, manufacturing, national services and government, Lee currently works as:

· Director, Adversarial Collaboration with Lares

· Co-founder of RedBlack Security – Toronto-based offensive security testing shop

Lee also is involved with initiatives such as:

· Co-founder of the Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise (C3X) –

· Organizer of DerbyCon Communities Toronto Chapter (DerbyComTOR)

· Instructor for the Offensive Insights for Security Professionals (OISP) training program (launching Q1 2020)

Lees area of expertise is tailored primarily around Microsoft technologies and the abuses for them. Lee is also a Command and Control (C2) designer and infrastructure maintainer for offensive teams.

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