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Episode 193 Deep Dive: Dr. Jordan Plotnek | The Intersecting Worlds of Critical Infrastructure and Space Security
First Aired: July 10, 2023

Securing space technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for the smooth functioning of our increasingly interconnected world. In this episode of KBKast, we delve into the fascinating world of space technology and its connection to critical infrastructure. Dr. Jordan Plotnek talks about his journey, the challenges of space security, and emphasizes the need for a tailored and collaborative global approach to managing space system security that has humanity at its core.

Dr Jordan Plotnek received a PhD in space systems security and resilience from the University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications and Electronics from Swinburne University in Melbourne. Jordan is an Australian Air Force veteran and has held senior Operational Technology security positions for private and public sector organisations internationally. Jordan is currently a space security researcher at the University of South Australia and the Lead Partner for Critical Infrastructure at Anchoram Consulting. Jordan’s research and professional interests are centred around space systems security, critical infrastructure resilience, and cyber-physical conflict.

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