Leadership That Empowers
Posted: Friday, Mar 08

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Leadership That Empowers
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The role of vulnerability in companies, specifically within leadership, has had a strong emergence in the workplace due to American Professor and Author Brené Brown. Vermaak leads with “servant-leadership” as the backbone of being a strong leader.

It was understood that always being true to oneself engenders trust and openness within a team. Vermaak cites examples from her own experiences over the years, demonstrating how honest communication strengthens trust and creates a positive work environment.

Leaders need to cultivate an environment where individuals feel empowered to bring their best to the table each day. Vermaak believes leadership involves authenticity, vulnerability, and generating genuine connections within the team.

Overcoming Fear of Speaking Up: “When you uncouple yourself with how people interpret what you’re saying, it’s much easier to speak up in front of anybody.”

Some challenges faced by women within leadership roles, is the struggle to strike the balance between being perceived as strong and assertive without the risk of being labelled as aggressive. The possibility of being misinterpreted is a real conundrum and Vermaak addressed the optimal way to manage this is by maintaining diplomacy. Finding the equilibrium isn’t always easy and is in fact something that can take time to refine. Having a voice at the table is of paramount importance and to not be afraid to exercise it.

The delicate dance of diplomacy and strength forms the crux to disrupt traditional perceptions and empower individuals, especially women, to assert themselves effectively without stepping on anyone’s toes. Adopting a tone that is authoritative yet approachable, including choosing one’s words carefully, to handling criticism with grace.

Individuals who’ve faced the dilemma of whether to speak up or stay silent… should choose to speak up.

“We shouldn’t allow the fear of being interpreted as assertive or strong deter us from voicing our opinions when we need to be assertive.”

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