A Changing of The Guard: Women In Security
Posted: Monday, Mar 11

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A Changing of The Guard: Women In Security
From KBI

“The increasing presence of women in tech and leadership roles is encouraging. The current skills shortage offers a great opportunity for women to step in and fill the gaps. For those eyeing careers in technology, whether it be coding, cybersecurity, data analysis, or design, I encourage you to embrace curiosity and chart your own course. Celebrating success, fostering inclusive environments, and promoting mentorship are essential.

“Women are now serving as role models for others who might be considering entering the industry. Cultivate a supportive network of like-minded peers and mentors who mirror the diversity, purpose, and strength you seek. Dive into learning with enthusiasm and resilience, understanding that real-world impact awaits those who persist. Build your knowledge through diverse experiences.

“The future of technology is bright, and women have many opportunities to advance. Careers in tech not only promise personal fulfilment but also the chance to enrich the evolving landscape with inclusivity and innovation. I’m excited to watch how the next generation of female tech leaders will drive progress and make a positive impact in the industry for years to come.”

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