Under The Microscope:

Let us tell you who is likely to attack you, how they are going to do it and your live vulnerabilities that they will exploit. Doing so will enable laser-focused spending on the immediate security measures you need to stop your cyber risks before they happen. Our threat intelligence solutions combine cutting-edge technology based on machine learning to minimise your exposure to breaches and that of your third-party supply chain.

Presenter Profile

Karla Reffold
Chief Operating Officer
Karla is an executive with over 15 years of experience in operations, marketing, and sales, with a passion for innovation, transformation, and scaling. She is the Chief Operating Officer at Orpheus Cyber, a leading cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating company that helps clients minimize their exposure to breaches and their third-party supply chain. She holds an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University, and is a LinkedIn Learning Instructor. In her my current role, she is responsible for driving profit, revenue, and efficiency across the organization, leveraging cutting-edge technology based on machine learning and data-driven processes. Karla also oversees marketing, HR, and operations, building and retaining amazing teams and empowering them to deliver excellence and value to our customers. Additionally, she serves as a non-executive director and a board advisor for several other companies in the cybersecurity, recruitment, and consulting sectors, where she shares her insights and expertise on strategy, growth, and talent. She speaks publicly on entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and diversity, and is relationship-driven to support others in the industry.
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