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Vonahi Security
vPenTest from Vonahi Security, a Kaseya company, is the leading SaaS platform that's revolutionizing network penetration testing through automation. We're dedicated to making offensive cybersecurity accessible and affordable for MSPs and internal IT teams of every size. Our platform streamlines the delivery of network penetration testing, making it super easy for MSPs to offer SMB clients the ultimate protection. And for internal IT teams, it's a cost effective and efficient way of evaluating cybersecurity risks in real-time. Hello World, Meet Automated Pentesting. Our Mission: TO HELP BUSINESSES OF ALL SIZES CONTINUOUSLY PERFORM NETWORK PENETRATION TESTS WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK. Made by Hackers for MSPs & Internal IT Teams We are obsessed with network penetration testing and automation! Our platform is created by a team of eCPPT, OSCP, and OSCE certified consultants with over 30+ years of combined industry experience to deliver the best network penetration test through a simple and user-friendly interface. What Makes Us Different? vPenTest is an automated and full-scale penetration testing platform that makes network pentesting more scalable, accurate, faster, consistent, and not prone to human error. Using vPenTest, organizations can now schedule a network penetration test at any time, allowing security teams to evaluate their risks to cyber attacks in real-time.

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Alton Johnson
As the Founder of Vonahi Security, my mission is to help businesses all around the globe, from small to large, be able to perform penetration tests in a continuous way without breaking the bank. With over 8 years of experience performing penetration tests, developing cybersecurity tools and scripts, and helping train new penetration testers, I have obtained an invaluable amount of knowledge in the industry. At Vonahi Security, we are providing one of the world's first fully automated network penetration testing platforms on the market. As a seasoned penetration tester and exploit developer myself, I have taken my entire methodology as a consultant and coded it into a platform that allows organizations to receive the same exact penetration tests as before, except with a lot more value for a lot less of the cost. With the increased trends of cyber attacks and budget cuts, our automated network penetration tests have proven to fill in the gap by letting organizations assess their network more often and still for less than the cost of a traditional assessment. This is also a wonderful solution for smaller businesses who couldn't afford to perform penetration tests before. If I could provide 12 penetration tests (over the course of a year) at the same (or less) cost as your previous assessment and provide 2x the value and quality, would you give it a shot?
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