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Risk Ledger
The Risk Ledger platform is an easy to use, secure social network that enables organisations of all sizes to conduct security risk assurance across their entire supply chain in a highly efficient way, moving from the traditional point in time assessment model to a continuous monitoring model that allows organisations to identify and mitigate security risks in their supply chain. Organisations who manage supply chain security with Risk Ledger simply connect with their suppliers on our platform in a matter of seconds with a connection request (like LinkedIn) or invite them to join and complete our standardised supplier assessment. Suppliers on the platform are able to share their regularly maintained security assessment at the click of a button with any other client who runs security due diligence against them in a 'do once, use many model', eliminating the work of completing 10s or 100s of assessments per year. An organization managing their supply chain security on our platform can start their assurance programme in minutes with just a list of their suppliers and contact email addresses and the platform is priced so that organisations can review over 90% of their supply chain affordably. By continuously monitoring the implementation of security controls in the supply chain, the Risk Ledger platform acts as a Security Operations Centre (SOC) for the supply chain network, actively detecting, responding, and preventing attacks across a network of suppliers. This is a new paradigm in supply chain security, moving it away from risk management and towards an active cyber defence product.

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Haydn Brooks
Co-Founder & CEO
Coming from a background in cyber risk specialising in supply chain security, I quickly recognised the huge process issues, sunk cost, lost opportunities, and valuable business hours wasted by clients and suppliers alike, all trying to run disparate supply chain assurance programmes in a mutually exclusive way. This led me to co-found Risk Ledger, the technology platform that combines a security governance platform with a secure social network. Clients using our platform have seen their cost of running a supply chain security programme reduce by over 70% whilst collecting better quality and more actionable data over their suppliers. Risk Ledger is the enabler for assurance programmes to: ● Rapidly and easily scale across whole supply chain networks; ● Allow the electronic collection of self-assessed assurance data; ● Deliver continuous real time monitoring & alerts of supplier security controls; ● Provide the tools for just one FTE to run entire assurance programme for 1000’s of suppliers. Take a look at the Risk Ledger web site (https://riskledger.com) to see our growing client list serving multiple industry sectors, FTSE100 companies, leading commercial enterprises and key government departments. 🏆 2022 Financial Times Tech Champion 🏆 Forbes List 30 Under 30 – Manufacturing & Industry 🏆 Winner of the 2019 Cyber Den Award sponsored by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre 🏆 Winner of the 2019 Most Innovative Cyber Company Award sponsored by TechUK
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