Unlocking Opportunities: Australian Talent in the US Job Market
Posted: Tuesday, Nov 07

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Unlocking Opportunities: Australian Talent in the US Job Market
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In a recent episode of the KBKast podcast, host Karissa Breen sat down with Amy Meyer, an Australian expat who has successfully carved out a career in the United States. The conversation touched upon the unique challenges faced by Australians seeking employment in the US and the strategies to position themselves for success.

Skills And Value

One of the key topics discussed was how Australian job seekers can navigate the perception of their value in the US market. Meyer emphasised the importance of showcasing individual skills and accomplishments rather than being judged solely based on their nationality or location.

“When it comes to finding opportunities in the US, it’s crucial for Australians to focus on highlighting the value they can bring to a company,” Meyer stressed. “Once employers recognise what you can contribute to their growth and success, they will assess you as an individual rather than simply ‘…someone from Australia’.”


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Reflecting on her own journey of moving from Sydney to San Francisco a decade ago, Meyer shared her observations on the changing mindset in the US. She remarked,

“I’ve noticed a shift in how influential Australians are celebrating their success openly on platforms like LinkedIn. In the US, it’s more acceptable to be proud of one’s achievements and support others in their accomplishments.”

Meyer also shed light on the allure of the US job market for Australians, citing the high number of job openings and fierce competition among US companies to find talent. 

“US companies are constantly recruiting on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed,” she pointed out. “They are aware of the untapped talent pool in Australia, which offers fresh perspectives and a drive to succeed.”


A Path Less Travelled – The E-3 Visa

The interview shed light on the E-3 visa, a popular option for Australians seeking career opportunities in the US. Meyer explained that this visa provides a gateway for US companies to hire top Australian talent. She highlighted the value that Australians bring to US companies, including their ability to persevere, a strong work ethic, and a knack for problem-solving.

However, there are several cultural nuances that Australians must navigate to thrive in the US job market. Meyer discussed the need to adapt communication styles, particularly regarding the use of sarcasm. She advised job seekers to adjust to the American business culture, which generally favours direct and clear communication.

Additionally, the conversation touched upon the importance of tailoring resumes and LinkedIn profiles to align with US expectations. Meyer emphasised that using ‘Americanised’ language, avoiding Australian-specific terminology, and removing international phone number formats from resumes can help job seekers make a positive impression.


Relocation Success

Providing practical advice for Australian job seekers considering a move to the US, Meyer stressed the significance of building confidence and resilience. 

“Give yourself permission to experience the doubts and fears that come with such a major change,”  she encouraged. “Remember that you always have the option to return to your home country if needed.”


As the conversation concluded, Meyer highlighted the invaluable sense of community among Australians in the US. She emphasised leveraging this network for career opportunities, noting that connections made within the Australian community can open doors and lead to meaningful connections.

Australian talent in the US job market represents an untapped resource, offering unique perspectives and skills that US companies covet. As the landscape continues to evolve, embracing the challenges and adopting an adaptable mindset can unlock a world of opportunities for Australian expats seeking to make their mark in America.

In the words of Amy Meyer,

 “Australians have a reputation for being hardworking, adaptable, and persistent. These traits, combined with the ease of obtaining an E-3 visa, make us some of the best hires for US companies.”

The KBKast episode featuring Amy Meyer’s insights provides a valuable resource for Australian job seekers looking to navigate the US job market. By adapting their approach and showcasing their talents effectively, Australians can thrive in the competitive and dynamic world of American business.

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