Secure Code Warrior to Host 3rd Annual Devlympics Competition
Posted: Friday, Sep 29

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Secure Code Warrior to Host 3rd Annual Devlympics Competition
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SYDNEY, Australia – September 29, 2023 – Secure Code Warrior, the global, developer-driven security leader, today announced that it will host its third annual Devlympics secure coding competition on October 17-18, 2023. Devlympics is a free tournament that welcomes developers from all over the world and levels of expertise to participate in coding challenges. The winner will be crowned, “The Ultimate Warrior” and receive recognition and prizes.

Hosted on Secure Code Warrior’s agile learning platform, developers can sharpen their skills with the most complete, relevant, and reliable secure coding content in the industry today. This year, the Ultimate Warrior Arena features tournaments covering API, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Front-End, Mashups, and more. Participants can tackle offensive and defensive challenges in preferred languages, and see their teams compete on the international leaderboard.

In its third year, Secure Code Warrior’s Devlympics builds on the success from previous events by offering new language:frameworks and challenges. For the first time, Devlympics is introducing a brand-new “Boss Level,” where developers can unlock challenges twice as difficult to combat real security defenses. Participants will have a direct attacking path to identify potential weaknesses in an organization’s cybersecurity defense.

“Secure Code Warrior is on a mission to inspire developers to become security-skilled – by integrating agile secure code learning with modern software delivery, developers become invaluable security assets,” said Pieter Danhieux, CEO and Co-Founder, Secure Code Warrior. “As the DevOps landscape continues to shift, Secure Code Warrior is committed to the community by providing inclusive, hands-on developer education through tournament-style learning. With the help of our sponsors and partners, we’re proud to serve developer teams and look forward to another year of hosting one of the industry’s most sought-after training competitions.”

Secure Code Warrior’s platform is built on agile learning principles, which is the most effective way to teach developers to identify and fix vulnerabilities at the start of the SDLC. Tournament participants are empowered to build a strong, community-oriented culture of security while engaging with peers through challenges based on real code examples.

Ahead of the tournament, join fellow developers in the Secure Code Forum Discord server. The Secure Code Forum provides a way to interact with fellow competitors, share feedback, stay connected with peers and discuss coding best secure practices. Join here:

To learn more about Devlympics 2023 and register for this year’s competition, visit:


About Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior gives your developers the skills to write secure code. Our learning platform is the most effective secure coding solution because it uses agile learning methods for developers to learn, apply, and retain software security principles. Over 600 enterprises trust Secure Code Warrior to implement agile learning security programs, build safer software, and create a culture of developer-driven security.

For more information about Secure Code Warrior, visit

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