KBI.Media Releases New Podcast – ‘Destination Cyber’ with Lachlan Corne
Posted: Wednesday, Sep 07
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  • KBI.Media Releases New Podcast – ‘Destination Cyber’ with Lachlan Corne
KBI.Media Releases New Podcast – ‘Destination Cyber’ with Lachlan Corne

Sept 07th 2022 , Sydney, Australia — KBI.Media is thrilled to announce the launch of the new podcast, ‘Destination Cyber’.

Your host, Lachlan Corne, explores the multitude of ever-changing roles inside cybersecurity, how they all fit together, and what newcomers to the cybersecurity industry can learn from the pioneers.

Lachlan unpacks the careers of cyber experts from around the globe; how they first got into security, what they studied and why, the key challenges, trials & tribulations, and the most valuable lessons learnt. Exploring what the day to day looks like for the different roles, we’re presenting the reality of cyber careers, and providing hints & tips for our new generation of cyber professionals to take away and add to their utility belt.

‘Destination Cyber’ is squarely aimed at high school students, university students and recent graduates, as well as people looking to transition into the cybersecurity field.

‘Destination Cyber’ is off to a hot start with its first episode diving into the world of application security with Scott Fletcher, a Cloud Solution Engineer at Oracle, and has already generated a ton of buzz with more and more people looking to establish a career inside cyber.

Karissa Breen, Founder of KBI.Media quotes, “This podcast is exactly what the industry needed – interviews through the unique lens of a university student – without any corporate agenda. We’ve given Lachlan total control over shaping this podcast series, and we at KBI.Media couldn’t be more elated to see just how Lachie is already grappling with the critical knowledge gap for careers in cyber.”.

To listen to the most recent episodes of each show, check out KBI.Media


About Destination Cyber
Destination Cyber is the podcast where we sit down with cyber industry leaders, and movers n shakers, and find out what makes them tick. We explore their careers, the mistakes they made, trials and tribulations, lessons learnt, and the invaluable insights and knowledge they’ve picked up along the way.

Media Contacts
Guest Enquiries: Lachlan Corne | lachlan@kbi.media
Production Matters: production@kbi.media
Destination Cyber: https://kbi.media/podcasts/destination-cyber/

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