Global Investment Group BOKA Fuels Growth of Deep Tech Companies to Bolster National Security
Posted: Thursday, Feb 01

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Global Investment Group BOKA Fuels Growth of Deep Tech Companies to Bolster National Security
From KBI

BOKA, a global investment group, with headquarters in London is revolutionising the deep tech sector by identifying, funding, and enabling companies that can address critical National Security mission needs for the AUKUS Alliance which include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia – as well as other close allies around the world.

At BOKA, the goal reaches beyond just providing essential funding to foster growth of the companies they invest in. The group also brings extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience to supercharge that growth, delivering vital capabilities to its customers and partners, and ultimately benefitting as investors.

James Tennant who has been recently appointed as a Partner commented,

“As I step into the role of Partner at BOKA Group Holdings, I’m committed to leveraging my expertise in venture capital and international business development to drive strategic growth and innovation.”

BOKA’s plan is to support innovative startups with the unique challenges of working within the National Security Domains of the US and its close allies. It’s a win-win situation, with the startups gaining essential support for their growth, and the National Security agencies benefitting from their innovative solutions.

BOKA provides the bridge between startups and National Security, but they also work closely with customers to identify these innovative startups, proving instrumental in helping them address their critical missions.

Mr Tennant went on to say,

“This position represents not just a new chapter in my career, but an opportunity to contribute significantly to the advancement of our sector, forging impactful partnerships and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders.”

BOKA’s approach is proving transformative for the deep tech sector, redefining the relationship between startups, investors, and the National Security domains.

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