Flashpoint reveals November Ransomware, Insider Threat, and Vulnerability report for November
Posted: Tuesday, Dec 13

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Flashpoint reveals November Ransomware, Insider Threat, and Vulnerability report for November
From KBI

Flashpoint today revealed its Ransomware, Insider Threat, and Vulnerability ‘Quickview’ snapshots for the month of November, showing Australia was the sixth most targeted country in the world during the month, behind the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan; and ahead of India.

The Ransomware Quickview also showed the top 10 ransomware groups globally, with LockbitRoyal, and Play leading the pack. In terms of industry focus, Professional Services (20.7%), Internet & Software Services (18.5%), and Construction & Engineering (14.1%) accounted for more than 50 per cent of targeted malicious activity.

The Insider Threat Quickview showed 2,289 unique posts discussing insider-related threat activity. Across sectors, the majority of these posts were coming from the insiders themselves, who advertised their services and access to potential threat actors. Insider threat-related posts within the Retail sector jumped by nearly 50 per cent compared with October, signalling the importance of awareness for organisations as the holiday season ramps up.

Flashpoint’s Vulnerability Quickview showed 1,478 disclosed vulnerabilities, with over half of them remotely exploitable. 277 vulnerabilities were discovered without common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) ID, meaning they were missing from the list of publicly disclosed computer security flaws. Red Hat had the highest number of vulnerabilities by vendor with 73, followed by NETGEAR (72) and Microsoft (68).




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