Cheap Shots are taking Creep Shots of Women
Posted: Tuesday, Jul 06

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Cheap Shots are taking Creep Shots of Women
From KBI

Do you ever get that feeling that’s someone is watching you, or you are being followed? It freaks me out. Now, how do you feel when some random person has taken a photo of you?

Well, sometimes you can never be too sure about what the case is. But, what happens when the creep shots take cheap shots? Yep, a whole new level we are heading to.

What is a Creep Shot?

A creep shot is a photo taken directly of women in public by men.

Creep shots are focused on female’s bodies that are clothed. These cheap shots are sexually suggestive rather than sexually explicit. Cheap shots are a slight variation of the technology-driven sexual cyber violence that we have all heard of like revenge porn, up skirting and unsolicited male pics.

As everyone wants to be innovative and ‘trending’, new technologies like camera pens, Google Glass and shoe spy cameras has allowed more people to take photos, however, technology has made it easier for the cheap shots to capture their token creep shots. This is even going next level that there are cheap shot websites where men are assessing the calibre of the cheap shots with other creep shot men.


What is going on in the world? Good question, I am asking the same thing. There is really limited knowledge on why people do what they do. Although it did become apparent that the creep shots thought it was harmful and funny, good joke lads. Perhaps some of the creep shots feel it’s their only way to fit and feel a part of a club – how about joining the golf club?

Help is Available

We have been noticing that other nations are trialling cyber harassment helpline. One of the initiatives hosted by Pakistan addresses the gaps women face when dealing with these pretty awkward situations. The helpline also offers a safe house for women to feel supported. The support staff have developed in-depth privacy which includes caller confidentiality and high-quality support service.

This ridiculous behaviour puts women in a vulnerable position and potentially put them at risk if they confront the creepers.

As for Australia, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner has put together some material called eSafety Women to assist them when they are feeling vulnerable or threatened by some creeper related activity. This initiative is to empower women to take control of their online experiences.

Please review the eSafety Women program here:

Stop creepin’!

CryptoAUSTRALIA thanks Rosie Williams for her valuable input that improved this article

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