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Protect network and digital assets with MyRepublic Cybersecurity powered by Inspira: A portfolio of end-to-end managed security services
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  • Protect network and digital assets with MyRepublic Cybersecurity powered by Inspira: A portfolio of end-to-end managed security services

SINGAPORE , May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

MyRepublic Business and Inspira Enterprise have secured their partnership in the Singapore market with the finalization of a Master Services Agreement that covers world-class consulting and cybersecurity solutions.

This follows MyRepublic Business’s 2021 launch of a new suite of cybersecurity solutions aimed at strengthening the digital security of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore . The suite of consultancy services includes Incident Response, Data Privacy Gap Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, ISO 27001, and IT Security Audits. The consulting services are supplemented by solutions such as Managed Firewall, Managed Vulnerability and Managed End-Point, and are designed to safeguard clients against sophisticated cyberattacks. Josef Figueroa , Vice President of ASEAN at Inspira Enterprise said, “SMEs are generally more susceptible to cyberattacks because they may lack the expertise or immediate resources to deal with such threats.”

MyRepublic and Inspira Enterprise aim to bridge this gap and make it simple for SMEs to adopt current cybersecurity solutions and achieve best practices through their consulting services, which can be implemented consistently across any organisation, allowing SMEs to effectively manage the modern-day threat environment. MyRepublic Business and Inspira Enterprise are also planning to launch the following next-gen solutions in 2022: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Real-Time Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) These are aimed at further addressing client requirements and ultimately add to the company’s growing cybersecurity portfolio. Engage us and experience the strong synergy between MyRepublic and Inspira Enterprise in cybersecurity.

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For more information on MyRepublic’s cybersecurity solutions and the full list of services provided, please visit:

About My Republic One of the fastest-growing telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific , MyRepublic has operations across Singapore , New Zealand , and Australia , and is set to expand further into the region. Our vision is to be the world’s largest enabler of deep, meaningful and trusted relationships between customers and products through a highly scalable connectivity franchise model. With our uniquely scalable and centralised framework enabling the seamless delivery of layered services, MyRepublic has become a leader in the digital transformation for the telecom sector, one that is set to play out over the next decade in one of the most exciting regions of the world.

About Inspira Enterprise Inspira Enterprise embraces technology and applies Digital Transformation as-a-Service model to accelerate digitization and revamp the customer experience across various business verticals. Inspira embarks its digital transformation journey with service excellence in cybersecurity consulting, managed security services, managed networking services, data analytics and cloud services. Over the years, Inspira has achieved transformational goals with a team of over 1100+ professionals, successfully deploying next-gen digital transformation solutions across India , Asia , USA and MEA regions. Connect with Inspira to build a flexible framework for IT orchestration and strengthen core business security with best-in-class cyber security solutions.

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