Stop banning, start training call for ChatGPT and AI tech
Next week’s ACS Emerging Technologies forum explores tech opportunities
Posted: Thursday, Feb 09
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  • Stop banning, start training call for ChatGPT and AI tech
Stop banning, start training call for ChatGPT and AI tech

9 February 2023

Bans on emerging technologies like ChatGPT are a reliable guide to what’s going to transform society and we need to be prepared, says Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital ahead of next weeks’ Technology Trends forum being held at ACS’ Melbourne Docklands hub next week.

ChatGPT, the end of Web 3 hype, and tech’s role in building a green and resilient economy will be the topics at the top of ACS Victoria’s Tech Direction forum to be held next Tuesday, 14 February, where Williams will be the guest speaker.

The evening will discuss the technologies that will drive Victoria’s and Australia’s economy over coming years. 

As someone who was critical of the first generation of AI chatbots, Williams thinks newer Artificial Intelligence platforms like ChatGPT are going to be among those driving technologies after education systems and employers around the country started to ban the service.

“The technologies that make the most impact are those people first want to ban,” says Williams. “I’m old enough to remember when we were banning the use of the internet and the web in workplaces.”

The evening will also look at the opportunities for educators with emerging technologies like AI, VR and the metaverse.

 “We talk about the skills of the future, but I can guarantee you one skill that will be needed is going to be managing and understanding how to use AI services and platforms like ChatGPT,” says Williams.

The evening will also touch on cybersecurity and privacy, data management, the Internet Of Things, digital transformation, the future of telcos, and green energy. 

As always, Peter will be bringing his energy to the event and will be asking the audience to participate and be involved in the discussion. Hence, it’s going to be a highly engaging presentation.

Tuesday’s forum kicks off ACS Victoria’s year of events, ACS Branch Chair Rod Dilnutt said: “next week’s meeting is an exciting start to what’s going to be a busy year of events where we’ll be exploring the opportunities the digital economy presents for the state and the nation.

“We’ll be holding events across the state so everyone has an opportunity to be part of the discussion on some of the pressing technology challenges ahead.”

Online registrations are still open at the ACS Website. Media spots are still available for in-person attendance.


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