Nullify Launches in Sydney
Posted: Wednesday, Aug 02
Nullify Launches in Sydney

Thursday, 20th July, I was invited to the launch event of a cybersecurity start-up, Nullify. The event was hosted at the stunning ‘Fossix Gateway Lounge’ in Sydney, Australia. A great turnout, with a mix of industry professionals, Nullify’s early-adopters, investors, as well as the start-up community. 

The team has been working on the development of the Nullify product, so the launch was a huge milestone for them.

Nullify, a cybersecurity startup, secured $1.1 million in funding in a pre-Seed round led by OIF Ventures. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help software developers and security teams detect and fix potential vulnerabilities in code as it’s being written. The funds will be used to scale Nullify, a cybersecurity bot that analyses code to automatically identify and fix security issues. The startup aims to empower developers to take ownership of software security without slowing down development. Nullify is already being used by several companies, including one of Australia’s leading health insurance providers.

Shan Kulkarni, CEO & Co-Founder, Nullify provided context and insight into Nullify journey and how it started. “We spent the last 4 years teaching, building and securing in the cloud, mainly on AWS – where we saw persistent challenges around secure software development at both SMB and enterprise scale . With developers today pushing code twice as fast, security teams are struggling to secure software at the pace it’s being built. Nullify is built for organisations to enable their developers, to own the security of the software they build without creating extra work. ” said Kulkarni.


The founders met while studying computer science and software engineering at the University of NSW and are now planning to expand globally.


Kulkarni went on to say, By leveraging both open-source tools and generative AI, Nullify can detect, prioritise and fix security vulnerabilities for developers, saving them hours on security and allowing them to spend more time building software.”



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