Nightingale Security Delivers Record Client Growth and Continued Momentum in Lead Up to IPO
Posted: Friday, Oct 14
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  • Nightingale Security Delivers Record Client Growth and Continued Momentum in Lead Up to IPO
Nightingale Security Delivers Record Client Growth and Continued Momentum in Lead Up to IPO

Nightingale Security, the world’s leading autonomous drone security company, is continuing to build on its blue chip client base by signing a slew of major new accounts, including CSL Limited’s bio pharma manufacturing company CSL Behring, multinational automotive manufacturer General Motors, and Haliburton, one the world’s largest providers of products and services for the ever-evolving needs of the Energy industry.

With existing clients such as the US Air Force, Ineos, Lyondell Bassell, Sanofi and Snowy Hydro among a number of high-profile clients here locally, Nightingale has charted unparalleled growth since its inception only a few years ago, demonstrating the versatility of its proprietary technology across all industries.

In addition to signing major new accounts that span corporates and Government clients, such as the NYPD and Clayton County Sheriff’s office, the Company is further developing its existing contracts thanks to its ability to be deployed to hundreds of locations globally. Iron Mountain will add a second location for example, and is also in discussion with Nightingale about the co-development of more features for the drone so that they can sell the security drone to their Government and commercial customers.

Nightingale develops and sells Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones for commercial applications. This innovative ‘robot-as-a-service’ technology has applications across solar farms, ports, O&G facilities, critical infrastructure like dams and power stations, in construction, border patrol, securing pipelines, fire and oil spills along with search and rescue, crowd control and for prisons.

In its simplest form, the drones respond to a threat: when a security alarm is triggered the system automatically dispatches a drone to the alarm location and streams live video to the security team. They can also be scheduled for autonomous patrol missions based on day, time, path, altitude, hover duration, camera direction, and other mission details. During a major event like an oil spill, chemical leak, or fire, the drones can be manually dispatched to monitor events as they unfold on the ground. Plus, they can autonomously patrol areas of interest around the facility and send out alerts only when human and vehicle intruders are detected.

With a presence in 14 countries to date, Nightingale has experienced rapid financial growth, with the latest sales contracts adding millions of dollars in recurring fees to the bottom line. Nightingale is set to list on the ASX, with the funds raised to give the company the ability to boost its sales and marketing capabilities, and enable it to build an authentic, sustainable company with happy customers.

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