KBI and Sales Inc. Form Strategic Allegiance
Posted: Tuesday, May 24
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  • KBI and Sales Inc. Form Strategic Allegiance
KBI and Sales Inc. Form Strategic Allegiance
KBI and Sales Inc. Form Strategic Allegiance


When two highly capable organisations come together, the whole can be greater than the mere sum of the parts. KBI and Sales Inc. have formed a partnership to foster growth and traction for security technology businesses. By bringing marketing and sales closer together and working in perfect lockstep, scale-up businesses can see more tangible results faster.


Having worked with Founders and CEOs of both private and publicly listed companies across 26 different industries, Ed Badawi, CEO of Sales Inc understands how critical it is for organisations of all sizes to have a sustainable sales process that aligns with the narrative used in marketing/lead generation initiatives. “When Salespeople are hired, there is often a misconception that they will ‘figure it out’, Ed Says. The fact is that 9 out of 10 sales reps need a process to thrive. That process needs to be a detailed yet seamless extension of the narrative being pushed by the marketing team. Without congruence in the message and a process that pragmatically amplifies the narrative, performance suffers, culture diminishes, and, worst of all, prospects have a terrible experience. This creates a lose-lose-lose scenario.


Karissa Breen, Founder of KBI, sees that many cybersecurity companies must get their sales and marketing capabilities working in concert rather than in isolation to give scale-ups that extra boost that makes the critical difference. “When it comes to commercialisation, most organisations lead with sales and marketing falls to the side in favour of what’s fallaciously seen as the more direct route. The problem is, it’s engaging content that fuels conversations at the sales coal face. Clients are doing their research online, so content marketing is the driving force to generating that awareness, and moreover, should be the fulcrum for any sales outreach.” commented Breen.


Their goal is to ensure clients are putting their best foot forward during pivotal periods of growth as they transition from start-up to scale-up. Their experience highlights that some organisations need a more professional presence in the market to empower sales teams, and others need that more explosive push of an experienced and dedicated sales function when they have the right assets in place.


The partnership between Sales Inc. and KBI has culminated in the development of a new service line to address this acute need in the market and specifically to provide a sales and marketing campaign function to growing security businesses.


This ‘Boost’ service sees KBI developing a collection of marketing assets to power the outreach work from Sales Inc.’s team, ensuring that campaigns have the best possible chance of success, and that valuable marketing resources are fully realised instead of sitting in a folder in some network drive.


Offered Breen, “Marketing is all too often seen as a nice-to-have for start-ups instead of a core need. The truth is that this attitude turns any sales efforts into an exercise of Sisyphean proportions, where sales people just can’t seem to close deals and growth stalls. Conversely, all the marketing in the world won’t move the needle without diligent, dedicated follow-up, and exactly why we created this solution.”

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Sales Inc. offer Sales Excellence as a Service by providing businesses with the proven strategy & practical support required to generate more sales.


KBI is the first marketing & communications agency that’s focused exclusively on cybersecurity and emerging technology companies. They assist companies both large and small to develop their brand in the market, and deepen the connection with prospective clients. Founded by security industry specialists, they communicate highly technical messaging in a distilled way, making it palatable and digestible for any target audience without failing to capture nuance. No more glazed eyes when you explain what you do, and no more bored prospects.op their brand in the market, and deepen the connection with prospective clients. For more information, visit kbi.digital to understand if Boost may work for your business.

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