GoTo addresses growing IT challenges with security and AI enhancements, and new integrations for streamlined operations
GoTo announces new features in the latest solutions update, including powerful upgrades and smarter experiences that deliver simpler ways to manage, support, and connect businesses
Posted: Wednesday, Jul 26
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  • GoTo addresses growing IT challenges with security and AI enhancements, and new integrations for streamlined operations
GoTo addresses growing IT challenges with security and AI enhancements, and new integrations for streamlined operations

SYDNEY, July 26, 2023 – GoTo, the company streamlining IT management, support, and business communication with solutions GoTo ResolveRescue and GoTo Connect, today announced nearly 40 new features across its product portfolio as a part of the company’s tri-annual release cadence. The new features and integrations help customers manage, secure, and connect their businesses even easier than before.  


In April 2023, PwC’s CEO Priorities Survey found that workforce management, cybersecurity and technology implementation presented the greatest challenges for businesses in 2023. Heading into the tail of this year, organisations increasingly require solutions that address these issues, or even better, one solution that addresses all.


The 2023 GoTo IT Priorities Report found 81 per cent of Australian businesses are considering consolidation of communication, collaboration, and IT management and support tools a top priority. It is now more important than ever for business leaders to securely consolidate vendors while offering the right integrations, saving IT teams time and money with a single provider.


Lindsay Brown, VP and General Manager of APJ, GoTo, said: “It is no secret most employees would like more time on their hands, and this is especially felt in IT departments. Too often, IT teams are stretched between employee device maintenance, cybersecurity pressures, while also being increasingly involved in investment decision making, as the 2023 GoTo IT Priorities Report found nearly one in three Australian organisations are changing their software and business management tools due to IT preference.”


“With such a full plate, the need for an easy-to-use solution, that has the answer for a range of IT responsibilities all on one platform becomes invaluable.” stated Brown.


GoTo is ensuring that IT teams and employees stay ahead of changing business needs and behaviours, with its latest features that include a Microsoft Teams phone integration, AI-generated scripts, a Miro integration, and Linux support, in addition to the recently announced mobile device management solution and Endpoint Protection for GoTo Resolve. 


Dushern Pather, CEO of Australian-based TechSpecialist, said: “We have recommended the entire GoTo suite to our customers for a while now, and it is great to see the continual upgrades the business is making to its solutions.


“GoTo has become especially popular for our customers due to the breadth of areas it addresses, and also its efficient implementation process and cost saving benefits. We look forward to sharing these new features with our customers” Pather highlighted.


New features from GoTo Include:  


  • Security, even stronger for tools, devices, and company data.    
  • User experiences, AI-powered for greater efficiency.
    • Enhanced features like Disruption Free Unattended Access, Linux support expansion, webcam zoom, and an AI-enhanced script generator help businesses get more done with ease. 
  • Customer decisions, made easier with data.  
    • New data visualisations like Interaction Details, and Conversation Review help organisations discover opportunities and determine better outcomes. 
  • Critical tools together, unlocking savings and productivity.  
    • Organisations can boost collaboration and security, while cutting costs through the latest integrations with Microsoft Teams, Miro and Bitdefender. 


The 2023 GoTo IT Priorities Report found 32 per cent of Australian organisations are reviewing vendors to reduce costs in 2023, and 38 per cent plan to save costs when deciding on new tools and technologies.


Paddy Srinivasan, CEO of GoTo, said: “We are thrilled to offer our customers new, critical features like dependable device security, cutting-edge AI-powered experiences, the ability to create better business outcomes through data-driven customer decisions, and integrations that will save people time and money.


“At GoTo, we listen intently to our customers and continually evolve our products to meet their needs. Our latest seasonal innovation release is the culmination of months of work along with ongoing customer conversations and optimisations to ensure that our products are secure, innovative, easy to use, and reliable.”  


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