Cynterra Receives IRAP Approval for Public Multi-Cloud Gateway
Posted: Wednesday, Sep 14
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  • Cynterra Receives IRAP Approval for Public Multi-Cloud Gateway
Cynterra Receives IRAP Approval for Public Multi-Cloud Gateway

Building upon the success of their AWS-hosted gateway solution, Australia’s Cloud Native Gateway leader, Cynterra, has just announced the successful completion of the IRAP Assessment of their new multi-cloud gateway solution that now covers both Azure and AWS clouds.

14th September 2022 | ACT, Australia — Cynterra’s new multi-cloud offering allows services in AWS or Azure or a Meshed Architecture model leveraging both cloud providers concurrently. This simultaneous use means unparalleled resiliency and redundancy for all Gateway use cases. Furthermore, it allows users to protect their AWS and Azure environments through a single product, streamlining the solution to Government agencies with a multi-cloud policy. Additionally, given that all Cynterra’s services are deployed through the public cloud, it’s also cost-effective yet still maintains security compliance up to the PROTECTED classification.


Cynterra’s Gateway Services are designed to protect all of the customer’s infrastructure, including on-prem, cloud and remote users, using Zero Trust principles. In addition, the Gateway integrates seamlessly with Cynterra’s other offerings, including SIG, SD-WAN, Sandboxing, Private Inter-agency connectivity, and secure email.


With all their gateway services cloud-native and highly compliant with the PSPF, ISM, and Essential Eight, Cynterra is understandably experiencing significant growth in its client base. Furthermore, with a rapidly increasing demand for sovereign capabilities, Cynterra’s services being owned, managed, and operated by Australians means they also meet the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act requirements.


Drago Gvozdanovic, CEO of Cynterra, stated: “We’re enormously proud of this accomplishment, fully leveraging both AWS and Azure to power our solutions for government departments and enterprise organisations. Our game-changing cloud technology means protecting classified data is more affordable and adaptable than traditional physical gateways.”


Gvozdanovic went on to say, “The fact we are the only services provider on the market that provides ISM compliant gateway services across multiple clouds means we’re able to bring our services to any organisation in Australia that require up to and including the PROTECTED classification. We deploy faster and cheaper than incumbent gateway solutions, and that’s starting to resonate with Australian Government Departments, State & Local government offices, Critical Infrastructure providers and even large private enterprise.”


With the imminent shift to cloud for SIG deployments, Cynterra’s public multi-cloud Gateways Services have already received approval and are in use by several Australian Government agencies. With many experts now recommending cloud-based SIGs as best practice rather than traditional hardware gateways, Cynterra is primed to be the preferred option for many Government Departments, with large enterprises following that lead.

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