Arctic Wolf announces intent to acquire Revelstoke to accelerate security operations efficiency and outcomes through automation and AI
Customers to benefit from tailored response actions, enhanced threat detection, and game changing noise reduction delivered by Revelstoke’s cutting-edge SOAR solution
Posted: Thursday, Oct 12
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  • Arctic Wolf announces intent to acquire Revelstoke to accelerate security operations efficiency and outcomes through automation and AI
Arctic Wolf announces intent to acquire Revelstoke to accelerate security operations efficiency and outcomes through automation and AI

Sydney, Australia – October 12, 2023 – Arctic Wolf®, a global leader in security operations, today announced its intent to acquire Revelstoke, creators of the first Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform built on a Unified Data Layer (UDL). Revelstoke has disrupted legacy SOAR solutions by creating a Rosetta Stone for security and IT solutions, seamlessly integrating disparate data and systems, allowing for faster, smarter, more efficient security operations outcomes.


We believe Revelstoke’s technology will enhance the connective fibre between threat detection and response within the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud, enabling not only faster detections across an organisations’ entire attack surface but also accelerating the execution of real-time and automated response actions at scale. Key to delivering these outcomes will be the combination of Arctic Wolf’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models with Revelstoke’s integrations of leading AI technologies and Large Language Models (LLMs). This unification will allow Arctic Wolf to deliver next-generation SOAR capabilities, with AI deeply embedded into the platform, that will slash response times and eliminate manual efforts, while also accelerating the company’s common data model, which is built on the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). As a result, Arctic Wolf will be able to not only advance its threat detections and response actions but also drive consistent coverage and experience across integrations across various attack surfaces.


“Revelstoke is a pioneer in the SOAR industry, and their platform, built upon a unified data layer, is a fundamentally different approach that re-architects security automation from the ground up,” said Nick Schneider, president and chief executive officer, Arctic Wolf. “SOAR is fast-becoming a core requirement for an effective security operations program, however, many existing solutions lack the simplicity, interoperability, and scalability to leverage SOAR technologies as a seamless extension of threat detection and response. By combining Arctic Wolf’s comprehensive Security Operations portfolio with Revelstoke’s unique approach to security automation, we believe we will be able to accelerate our innovation cycle and will deliver the most effective threat protection on the market in an efficient and scalable manner.”


Through hundreds of security and technology integrations available to customers today, the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud ingests, parses, enriches, and analyses more than 4.5 trillion security events per week from a global base of over 4,600 customers. We expect that the addition of Revelstoke’s comprehensive and differentiated catalogue of integrations that spans dozens of technology types will unlock hundreds of additional detection, automation, and response actions to further drive down cyber risk for organisations of almost any size.


“Security Operations is the next market-changing category with Arctic Wolf leading the charge in delivering an industry-defining cybersecurity platform for businesses of every size.” said Bob Kruse, co-founder and chief executive officer, Revelstoke. “The cutting-edge SOAR technology we’ve built at Revelstoke is the ideal complement to the Arctic Wolf portfolio and we are excited to join the Arctic Wolf team in its mission to end cyber risk and see how our platform makes a difference for thousands of customers worldwide.”


“As the threat actors become more advanced, budgets get tighter, and internal security teams remain burdened by a sea of alerts, security and IT leaders are increasingly looking to have their organisation benefit from the operational efficiencies enabled by security orchestration, automation, and response. Realising the full potential of security automation can often be a significant challenge due to the technical complexity and specialised staff needed to operationalise SOAR platforms,” says Craig Robinson, IDC Research VP of Security Services. “This is why integrating SOAR into a broader Security Operations platform is a win-win for both customers and vendors. It allows the customer organisation to achieve the noise reduction and efficiency gains they desire, while their vendor can leverage integrations and automations to deliver the tailored outcomes that organisations increasingly expect from their security providers.”


By incorporating Revelstoke’s SOAR platform into the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Delivery Model, we believe that Arctic Wolf will be able to provide the security operations outcomes that most SOAR platforms have failed to deliver upon.


Unique customer benefits include:


  • Delivering the industry’s most advanced cross-attack surface correlation and response engine to ensure comprehensive and speedy threat detection and response
  • Empowering customers to realise greater value from their existing cybersecurity and IT investments by correlating data across tools and organisational silos for normalisation and analysis
  • Providing game-changing noise reduction that turns thousands of daily alerts into an average of a single actionable ticket each day


“The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud is already one of the most powerful security platforms in the industry, and the addition of Revelstoke’s groundbreaking SOAR technology will only enhance and accelerate our ability to defend at the speed of data”, said Dan Schiappa, chief product officer, Arctic Wolf. “As threat actors get more innovative and continue to leverage AI tools in their attacks, Revelstoke’s SOAR technology will play a key role in helping both our customers and our Security Services team detect and respond with the accuracy, efficiency, and scale needed to stay one step ahead of the latest attack techniques.”


Read more about the announcement in a blog post from Arctic Wolf’s Chief Product Officer Dan Schiappa.


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Arctic Wolf® is a global leader in security operations, enabling customers to manage their cyber risk in the face of modern cyber attacks via a premier cloud-native security operations platform. The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud ingests and analyses more than 4.5 trillion security events a week to help enable cyber defense at an unprecedented capacity and scale, empowering customers of virtually any size across a wide range of industries to feel confident in their security posture, readiness, and long-term resilience. By delivering automated threat protection, response, and remediation capabilities, Arctic Wolf delivers world-class security operations with the push of a button so customers can defend their greatest assets at the speed of data.


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