An Australian Vendor Launces First in the World SecOps AI Capability To Solve Cyber Security Still Shortage Problem
Posted: Monday, Mar 20
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  • An Australian Vendor Launces First in the World SecOps AI Capability To Solve Cyber Security Still Shortage Problem
An Australian Vendor Launces First in the World SecOps AI Capability To Solve Cyber Security Still Shortage Problem

Solving the cyber skills shortage problem

ThreatDefence has been involved into multiple cyber skills development projects in Australia and worldwide. We have been working with TAFE NSW and Macquarie University to provide practical cyber security training to students. Our SecOps platform is being used to create a virtual SOC environment, putting students into security analyst shoes, and utilising real-world data and real cyber security attacks we observed in the past.

We are aware that there is an ongoing shortage of cyber security professionals. But are we even utilizing these precious people effectively? Many security analysts continue to spend hours on repetitive investigations and reviews every day.

It has always been our vision that human analysts and AI should work hand in hand together, when AI can be responsible for many day-to-day tasks such as running ongoing investigations, review of alerts and detection of anomalies.

Going forward, SOC analysts will be spending more time as AI developers / designers / data scientists, fine tuning AI and defining new way for AI to detect threats and hunt for priorly unknown threat actor behavior.

In our team, most of our analysts are coming from data science and software development background, and we see how efficient this approach as.

Meet Avesa

Avesa is the persona behind our SOC analyst AI model (pronounced as ai-vesa).

The name Avesa was inspired by few underlying concepts that we embedded in our AI model:

In sansckrit, avesa is thought of as a mystical modality that helps to bring about wisdom, clarity and ultimate consciousness. It can be literally translated as ‘enter another body’. We used this ancient concept to highlight our vision that human beings and AI can work together efficiently.

Avesa is also consonant with Latin plural for birds (aves), which references to our deep data visibility approach that we use within our platform. We designed Avesa to be a threat hunter, represented by an owl avatar, refers to an image of wise, patient and overseeing hunter catching threat actors in the wild

Avesa is the natural language AI model designed to help SOC analysts to quickly investigate anomalies picked up by your security tools. it provides insights and step-by-step guidance for handling alerts, incidents and investigations.

Avesa is immediately available to all users as part of our SecOps platform.

Avesa has been designed to dramatically reduce time spent by analysts on cyber security investigations. Right now, it can help analysts through investigations and reviews, communicating with an analyst in natural language and guiding them as they progress through investigations. It can close alerts automatically, allowing analysts to focus on what matters most.

Avesa has been equipped with knowledge of hundreds of real cyber attacks observed by our team in the field. Every day, Avesa continues to learn from analyst actions and from real-world data we see across our deployments.

Our vision is to continue building Avesa, to become a fully functioning SOC team member, taking over most Level 1 analyst actions, and providing hand in hand assistance to Level 2 and Level 3 analysts.

ThreatDefence is an Australian company founded in 2014 in Sydney by a small group of security practitioners – security incident responders and threat hunters. From our consulting experience, we learned that only very few businesses notice security events in their network, and even fewer can proactively action on them.

We observed organisations getting breached, with attackers living on their networks for months and sometimes years. We also seen cyber security investigations drag on for days and even weeks, as incident responders could not operationalise their security event data. They struggled to manually correlate security events collected from endpoints, network systems and cloud service providers.

That’s how ThreatDefence was born. Our SecOps Platform was created to help companies of any size to deploy world-class Security Operations.

Our platform has been deployed in multiple locations around the world and used to serve hundreds of customers worldwide. In 2023, we continue to grow globally.

Our mission is to enable every business with complete access to their security data, make security detection and response affordable for everyone and reduce the implementation of security operations capability from months to minutes.

ThreatDefence won multiple awards in Australia and globally. Among others, we were a CRN 2021 Impact Awards finalist in the Emerging Innovator category.

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