BeyondTrust Expands Privilege Management Capabilities with Support for Linux Desktops and Azure Active Directory (AD)

Atlanta, GA – January 19, 2022 – BeyondTrust,the leader in intelligent identity and access security, today announced key enhancements to BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge to help customers defend against growing Linux threats.


In 2022, 100% of the world’s top 500 supercomputers and 96.3% of the world’s top one million servers ran on Linux. Linux systems are not immune to cyberattacks, and present high-value targets for external attackers and malicious insiders. They are widely used for critical business functions resulting in a much greater impact if successfully compromised.


Gaining root or other privileged credentials makes it easy for malicious actors to remain undetected while accessing sensitive systems and data. To protect against malicious activities, many enterprises use sudo (superuser do) to manage privileges in their Linux workstations. However, sudo lacks central storage and administration of policy files, secure and efficient ways to distribute policy files over multiple systems, native protection of the integrity of generated logs, and provision for remote login to remote servers. These severe limitations create security blind spots and decrease productivity and ease of management of Linux systems.


BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux enables admins to easily set up policies that allow and deny actions and use policy-based controls to elevate privileges as needed. In its latest release, the solution integrates natively with sudo via Sudo Manager feature. With this integration users now have:


  • Central storage and administration of sudoers policy files
  • A secure and efficient way of distributing sudoers policy files over multiple systems
  • Native protection of the integrity of generated logs
  • Provision for remote login to remote servers 
  • Centralised searching, analytics and reporting
  • A web-based management platform


This native integration gives customers unprecedented granular control over Linux workstations through centrally managed sudo policies while extending protection to their entire Linux estate.


BeyondTrust extended support for Azure AD

Many organisations have moved to Azure AD to accelerate the adoption of cloud resources and easily integrate SaaS applications into their security infrastructure. To support customers’ cloud migration journeys, BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge now enables users to authenticate to an Azure AD tenant in addition to Active Directory in a hybrid mode. With this capability organisations can leverage a seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience using their existing Active Directory infrastructure, reducing management complexity and improving the organisation’s identity security posture.


BeyondTrust AD Bridge enables customers to leverage their existing investment in Active Directory to consistently manage and secure on-premises and cloud-based Linux resources. Extending familiar and effective Active Directory controls and policies to Linux enables organisations to unify their environments and drive consistency to support governance and compliance.


Support for Kibana Dashboards

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux now also includes an Elasticsearch SIEM integration that brings a unified visual search experience. Customers can index log data from Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and Active Directory Bridge into Elastic, along with other log sources, to analyse and visualise data in a more efficient way, through dashboards, charts or built-in apps. This enhanced visual experience helps teams be more precise, efficient, and quickly act on potential remediations. Kibana dashboards can also be leveraged to improve defense capabilities to better detect suspicious and abnormal activities, and to automate analytics to address compliance requirements.


“By integrating BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge with Elasticsearch, we provide a unified search experience for admins to quickly and easily find everything they need,” said Sam Elliot, Senior Vice President of Product Management at BeyondTrust.


“Together with the other expanded capabilities, BeyondTrust solutions further enable our customers to achieve their security goals with least privilege enforcement that doesn’t slow down end users.”


BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux 22.3 is now available. To learn more and for a demo, please click here.  


About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in intelligent identity and access security, empowering organisations to protect identities, stop threats, and deliver dynamic access to empower and secure a work-from-anywhere world. Our integrated products and platform offer the industry’s most advanced privileged access management (PAM) solution, enabling organisations to quickly shrink their attack surface across traditional, cloud and hybrid environments.

BeyondTrust protects all privileged identities, access, and endpoints across your IT environment from security threats, while creating a superior user experience and operational efficiencies. With a heritage of innovation and a staunch commitment to customers, BeyondTrust solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and scale as businesses evolve. We are trusted by 20,000 customers, including 75 of the Fortune 100, and a global partner network. Learn more at

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