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Scott Fletcher

Scott is currently a Cloud Security Specialist at Oracle in Melbourne Australia. He has over 15 years of IT industry experience working in Security Consulting, Ethical Hacking, Purple Team, Software Development, and Pre-Sales Engineering roles. As a motivated specialist, Scott is able to leverage his expertise to help customers develop a vision and execute roadmap strategies. He also enjoys championing the various aspects of CyberSecurity across all industries.

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Business cyber risks and the humble home network

Unsurprisingly the Australian Cyber Security Centre also reported this week that 200,000 home and office routers in Australia are at risk of being exploited. If you perhaps aren’t sure what that exploited means in context, imagine a hacker standing behind you 24×7 recording everything you look at and type such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, emails, everything! They could also send you to malicious websites, or deliver malware to your devices and steal or ransomware your data.

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Virus & Malware Scanning Object Storage in OCI

If you’re like me, then working in IT means you also assume Tech Support duties for friends, family, and those distant relatives that only seem to call when they’ve got a problem. I just clicked on this link, and my computer is doing something weird. I think my PC has a virus, what do I do? When it’s just a single computer, the answer is simple, contain...

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