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Organisation Snapshot

Specialist Areas: Governance & Risk
Founded By: Simon Smalley & Remy Coll
Founded: 2022
HQ: Canberra, Australia

Elevator Pitch

With combined experience across Australia’s government, private sector, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies, Redacted are uniquely positioned to provide expert advice to your organisation on cybersecurity matters.

Company Description

The Vision: Redacted is here to help. We believe in the mission, we believe we can all do better. If you need some quick advice, just contact us, it’ll be free. If you want to scope a project, or a longer engagement, email us, the conversation doesn’t cost you anything and we’ll always put you on the right path (even if it doesn’t involve us in the future).

Redacted cuts through cyber security and information security problems with precision. We deliver knowledge, skills, planning, guidance, and tools that are exactly what is required for the task. Too much is too complex, too little will not get the job done. Security is a balancing act, always. Redacted has a proven track record of solving security problems with effective, and sensible solutions. At our core we solve problems with quality planning. We do this for government, and industry. We also validate solutions, through our IRAP assessments, assessments for mergers and acquisitions, and other security assessment activities. We build skills, knowledge, and community though our Black Bag challenge events and by creating capture the flag challenges, and online training that is accessed through our partners. We enhance capability by creating software tools which allow operators to train the way they should fight, and others that automate repeatable security planning and guidance.

Redacted pursues activity that is engaging and solving the real and present problems in the five eyes cyber domain. Our vision is for everyone to have access to the tools and systems they need, at the time they need them, in order to protect our nations in cyberspace. Some of those tools will be made by Redacted, some are made by our partners and government. We will continue to contribute to the mission by assisting our partner organisations, and our customers with knowledge, planning, systems, and tools, that create and force multiply cyber capability.

Unique Advantage

We’re the best at this, by anyone’s measure. We deliver more relevant work, at a faster rate, at higher quality, and at lower fixed cost. We consistently quote and complete IRAP assessments at a fixed price more than 15% under budget expectations, and in less than half the time of other vendors.


Funding Stage: Bootstrapping/Organic
Gross Revenue: <$1M AUD

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