SolarWinds Announces Launch of SolarWinds Observability to Provide Comprehensive Visibility in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments
Fully-integrated, cloud-native SaaS solution ensures optimal performance and user experience across complex IT environments
Posted: Friday, Oct 21
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  • SolarWinds Announces Launch of SolarWinds Observability to Provide Comprehensive Visibility in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments
SolarWinds Announces Launch of SolarWinds Observability to Provide Comprehensive Visibility in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

SYDNEY, Australia—October 21, 2022—SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software, today announces the launch of SolarWinds® Observability, a fully-integrated, cloud-native SaaS offering that provides unified and comprehensive visibility for today’s modern, distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud IT environments.

SolarWinds Observability enables customers to accelerate digital transformation through powerful machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that make it easy to manage highly complex IT environments. The new SaaS platform blends SolarWinds observability solutions across network, infrastructure, systems, application, database, digital experience, and log monitoring in one end-to-end solution across private and public clouds with single-pane-of-glass visibility. SolarWinds Observability is built for IT Ops and DevOps teams, developers, cloud architects and IT executives to achieve optimum performance, compliance, and resilience by providing actionable business insights needed to identify and remediate issues.

The shift to the cloud, hybrid IT, remote workforces, and the introduction of new tech tools has resulted in increasingly complex IT environments for organisations around the world and, as a result, technology professionals now have reduced visibility into their networks, applications, and infrastructures.

SolarWinds Observability is designed to solve this problem by providing visibility into the complete environment—in both public and private clouds—and expedite anomaly identification and resolution. By enabling IT Ops, DevOps, and SecOps teams to shift from reactive to proactive postures, SolarWinds Observability helps ensure optimal performance and superior user experience, regardless of how distributed a business’s services are, where they run, or how often they change. SolarWinds Observability is available as a cloud-native offering on both Azure® and AWS® clouds.

“For more than 20 years, we have focused on providing customers with solutions to digitally transform their companies. Today marks a significant moment in our own transformation as we launch our most impactful observability solution to date,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, SolarWinds president and chief executive officer. “We designed SolarWinds Observability to support every customer—regardless of where they are on their cloud journey—and to deliver simplicity, security, and great value to DevOps, SecOps, CloudOps, and IT Ops professionals.”

“At SolarWinds, we’re laying the foundation for autonomous operations through both monitoring and observability solutions built to empower customers to move forward on their cloud and digital transformation journeys,” said Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer at SolarWinds. “With our Hybrid Cloud Observability and SolarWinds Observability offerings, customers have ultimate flexibility to deploy on a private cloud, public cloud, or as a service. We’re also simplifying our business model with node-based licensing and tier-based entitlements to support customers of all sizes.”

SolarWinds is also unveiling a new version of its Hybrid Cloud Observability solution. Deployed in customer data centres but capable of being easily implemented in hybrid environments, Hybrid Cloud Observability will now feature enhanced anomaly detection capabilities powered by AI and ML. Hybrid Cloud Observability enables SolarWinds customers to migrate from on-premises to SaaS at their own pace.

SolarWinds Observability and Hybrid Cloud Observability build upon the company’s success over more than 20 years in network, system, infrastructure, database, IT service management, and application management software. Both solutions were developed using the SolarWinds Secure by Design principles and a rigorous adherence to an advanced, multi-layer security framework. The launches of SolarWinds Observability and Hybrid Cloud Observability fulfill the company’s goal to introduce both SaaS and hybrid cloud observability solutions in 2022. That vision was first shared by Ramakrishna at the company’s Analyst and Investor Day held in November 2021.

The launch of SolarWinds Observability follows the company announcing its new Transform Partner Program earlier this month. SolarWinds Transform enables partners to accelerate digital transformation for their customers through simple and AI-powered SolarWinds observability solutions.

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