Recorded Future Launches Enterprise AI for Intelligence
Built on Recorded Future’s Intelligence Graph – the World’s Largest Intelligence Holdings – Enterprise AI Augments Humans and Defends Democracy Against Converging Threats
Posted: Thursday, Feb 15
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  • Recorded Future Launches Enterprise AI for Intelligence
Recorded Future Launches Enterprise AI for Intelligence

Recorded Future, the world’s largest intelligence company, today announced that Recorded Future AI is emerging out of beta to augment humans and defend democracy against converging global threats. Expanding Recorded Future AI capabilities, new enterprise capabilities offer every analyst across an organisation a powerful generative AI-based assistant for intelligence and defense, as well as the ability to software define very large enterprise threat surfaces in physical and cyber space and use those in AI analytics.

Recorded Future Enterprise AI

Effective threat intelligence is predicated upon the ability to process vast amounts of data, in real time, coming from varied and disparate sources, thereby requiring the use of AI. Built on the Intelligence Graph, the world’s largest intelligence holdings, Recorded Future AI was the first-to-market AI solution for intelligence, built by an AI-native company, and is used by the world’s foremost organisations and countries who defend the core infrastructure that society depends on. Contextualising the rapid onslaught of converging, AI-driven threats across cyber, physical, and influence operations domains, Recorded Future AI understands and helps explore the threat landscape in real time, enabling defenders to quickly gain situational awareness and take action.

“As AI is woven into every facet of society – no government or organisation will be immune to its advantages and implications. The urgency for defenders to work at the pace of today’s technological advancements is only growing. Our Intelligence Cloud has been compounding in speed, all-encompassing intelligence, and the ability to offer situational awareness against global threats for over a decade. Recorded Future AI keeps defenders moving at the speed of AI.” – Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Recorded Future

Recorded Future AI is operational in some of the world’s most prominent intelligence organisations, and used by hundreds of intelligence analysts in single organisations in some cases. Now generally available, all human analysts have access to a personal assistant, and Recorded Future AI can also be used by algorithms interfacing directly with it. Enterprises and entire nations can define large and complex threat surfaces in the physical and cyber world and readily use those in AI interactions, massively pushing the envelope of context used in LLMs.

“Artificial Intelligence is transforming intelligence, both for cyber security and for warfighters. In fact, it is already transforming the very nature of war and conflict as we’ve experienced in Ukraine. Our collaboration with Recorded Future to deploy Recorded Future AI across the Ukrainian Government to support cyber and defense missions has been instrumental.” – Yegor Dubynskyi, Deputy Minister for Cybersecurity of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

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About Recorded Future

Recorded Future is the world’s largest threat intelligence company. Recorded Future’s Intelligence Cloud provides end-to-end intelligence across adversaries, infrastructure, and targets. Indexing the internet across the open web, dark web, and technical sources, Recorded Future provides real-time visibility into an expanding attack surface and threat landscape, empowering clients to act with speed and confidence to reduce risk and securely drive business forward. Headquartered in Boston with offices and employees around the world, Recorded Future works with over 1,700 businesses and government organsations across more than 75 countries to provide real-time, unbiased and actionable intelligence. Learn more at

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