Nozomi Networks Delivers World-First Multi-Spectrum Wireless Security Sensor for Global OT and IoT Environments
Guardian Air advances modern threat detection and remediation by empowering the Nozomi Networks Platform to extend network visibility, detection and response from the endpoint to the air
Posted: Thursday, Jan 25
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  • Nozomi Networks Delivers World-First Multi-Spectrum Wireless Security Sensor for Global OT and IoT Environments
Nozomi Networks Delivers World-First Multi-Spectrum Wireless Security Sensor for Global OT and IoT Environments

Nozomi Networks Inc. today introduced Guardian Air, the industry’s only wireless spectrum sensor purpose-built for OT and IoT environments worldwide. With 80 per cent of new IoT deployments wirelessly connected, wireless is quickly becoming a preferred network. The explosion of wirelessly connected devices increases potential access points and exploitation of networks. This puts critical infrastructure at risk of cyberattacks and disruptions to operations.

Guardian Air provides much-needed visibility into wirelessly enabled devices which until now were only detected once connected to the wired network. Guardian Air monitors several prominent wireless frequencies, not just Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to provide security teams with immediate visibility of connected sensors, devices, laptops and mobile phones. With the addition of Guardian Air, customers have a comprehensive network solution all in one integrated platform.

“Nozomi Networks has once again innovated to address an unmet need for wireless-level monitoring in OT and IoT environments,” said Danielle VanZandt, an industry manager for commercial and public security research at Frost & Sullivan. “From smart manufacturing to digital medicine, to building automation, to modern oil field production and more, today industrial organisations are relying on billions of wireless devices to speed production and time to market. Guardian Air gives IT security professionals and OT operators the visibility they need to get a firm handle on wireless risk management and response.”

With Guardian Air, IT security professionals and OT operators can:

  • Continuously monitor prominent wireless frequency technologies used in OT and IoT environments including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, GPS, drone RF protocols, WirelessHART and more,
  • Immediately detect wirelessly connected assets and gain asset information to quickly address unauthorised installations,
  • Detect wireless-specific threats, including brute force attacks, spoofing, and bluejacking – with the added ability to determine the location of the devices performing the attacks,
  • Seamlessly integrate wireless data into a single OT & IoT security platform that unifies asset visibility from the endpoint and across wired and wireless networks.

“Wireless is fundamentally changing the way industrial organisations operate. Unfortunately, it also massively expands the potential attack surface,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Andrea Carcano. “Guardian Air solves this problem by giving customers the accurate visibility they need at the wireless level to minimise risk while maximising resiliency. Because Guardian Air integrates easily into the Nozomi Networks Vantage platform, customers can combine network, endpoint and wireless for the greatest visibility, threat detection and AI-powered analysis for real-time security management and remediation across the entire attack surface.”

The Nozomi Guardian Air wireless sensor will be available soon from Nozomi Networks and its extensive global network of channel partners, and more information on the wireless threat landscape is available in this blog.

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