Lacework’s Cloud Security Platform Completes IRAP Certification, Solidifying Its Commitment To Robust Cloud Security Solutions In Australia
Posted: Tuesday, Feb 13
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  • Lacework’s Cloud Security Platform Completes IRAP Certification, Solidifying Its Commitment To Robust Cloud Security Solutions In Australia
Lacework’s Cloud Security Platform Completes IRAP Certification, Solidifying Its Commitment To Robust Cloud Security Solutions In Australia

Sydney Australia, 13 February 2024 – In a significant enhancement to its offering,, Lacework has announced the successful completion of the Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) for its cloud security platform. This milestone, achieved through an independent assessment by ASD-certified IRAP assessors from CyberCX, underscores the unwavering commitment from Lacework to uphold and exceed security controls in cloud environments.

The Australian government’s recent sanctions against a Russian national implicated in the Medibank Private data breach further highlight the importance of stringent cybersecurity measures. That breach, which affected 9.7 million customers, was the first to trigger the government’s cyber sanctions framework established in 2021. It also underscores the critical need for enterprises, government, and SMEs to safeguard sensitive data against such threats.

The IRAP assessment, developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), is not an endorsement but a rigorous evaluation of a system’s security controls. The assessment’s outcomes provide businesses with a critical tool for evaluating a system’s security suitability against their requirements.

Richard Davies, Regional Vice President of Australia & New Zealand at Lacework, said, “This IRAP completion is more than a milestone for Lacework; it’s a testament to our dedication to delivering robust cloud security solutions. Our focus remains on empowering organisations with the confidence to innovate in the cloud with the knowledge that their security is in capable hands.”

This announcement comes at a pivotal time in which cybersecurity is a top priority in the federal government’s FY23/24 budget, particularly in enhancing critical infrastructure assets and uplifting cybersecurity strategies. Lacework’s IRAP assessment aligns perfectly with these initiatives, and offers a scalable, reliable solution to meet the increasing security demands of the digital age.

Lacework’s ‘Private by Design’ approach fundamentally bolsters its offering by ensuring customer data privacy. Private by Design reflects the company’s belief that customers not only deserve but should inherently expect complete data privacy when they choose their cloud security platform.  It ensures that only data and assets within an organisation’s cloud environment are scanned without the need to copy any customer data, thus preserving customer privacy and confidentiality.

“Our priority is always our customers’ privacy and confidentiality,” Davies added. “In today’s digital world, the highest level of security should be the norm, not an exception.”

The platform’s threat detection capabilities, supported by Lacework’s Australian data centre, offer comprehensive security solutions across various cloud environments including AWS, Azure and GCP. This breadth of service is crucial as businesses increasingly rely on multi-cloud infrastructures.

Recognising the escalating cyber threats targeting government and enterprise sectors, particularly in safeguarding critical infrastructure and assets, Lacework’s platform stands as a vital safeguard for these high-value digital environments. The completion of the IRAP assessment positions Lacework as a leader in providing robust cloud security solutions that are pivotal for enterprises and government entities in fortifying their digital defences.

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