Fortinet Strengthens Asia-Pacific Commitment to Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure In Wake of Global Threats
Fortinet actively responds to evolving regulations and cyber threats through strategic collaborations, technology advancements, and talent acquisition 
Posted: Tuesday, Apr 23
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  • Fortinet Strengthens Asia-Pacific Commitment to Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure In Wake of Global Threats
Fortinet Strengthens Asia-Pacific Commitment to Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure In Wake of Global Threats

April 23, 2024Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today reaffirms its commitment to advancing security within the operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure (CI) sectors through the formal announcement of Michael Murphy’s leadership role in guiding OT and CI cybersecurity initiatives throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.  

Michael Murphy, director, operational technology and critical infrastructure, APAC, Fortinet, said, “Fortinet is focused on proactively anticipating and neutralising threats before they can impact CI. Fortinet’s strategic investments in technology and talent keep it ahead of the curve, ensuring robust protection for its clients’ OT and CI environments. Fortinet’s initiatives are also tailored to address the escalating demand for enhanced security measures in these sectors, driven by legislative changes globally, including in Australia, India, New Zealand, and Singapore.” 

In the past year, threat actors have targeted OT and CI environments worldwide, resulting in significant repercussions. Fortinet actively addresses the challenges confronting these sectors by emphasising innovation, strategic alliances, and a steadfast commitment to the security of CI: 

  • Industry-leading OT Security Platform: Fortinet understands OT and CI differ from traditional IT systems, which is why the Fortinet OT Security Platform is purpose-built to provide integrated protection and risk management for industrial environments. The FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G Dual Modem, which delivers industry-leading secure networking features in a ruggedised, compact form factor ideal for industrial environments, is the latest addition to the platform.  
  • FortiGuard OT Security Service: Fortinet boasts the industry’s deepest OT threat intelligence database, covering more than 70 OT protocols and more than 4,000 OT application and device vulnerability signatures, to enable strict access control policies on network traffic and provide virtual patching for vulnerable OT assets.  
  • Collaborations with leading industry partners: Fortinet’s alliances with leading industrial automation and control partners like Schneider Electric highlight a comprehensive approach to securing CI through collective efforts. 

Nikki Saunders, regional cybersecurity business lead, APAC, Schneider Electric, said, “The partnership Schneider Electric has built with Fortinet in the APAC region has gone from strength to strength over the past two years as the organisations continue to collaborate and complement each other’s areas of expertise, delivering the best possible outcomes for their customers. 

“Fortinet provides Schneider Electric with tools to design, implement, manage, and maintain a secure OT environment for its customers. In addition to the technology, the partnership lets Schneider Electric bridge the IT/OT gap, maximise return on investment for its customers, and ensure a resilient, sustainable, available, and reliable OT environment, without compromise.”

Michael Murphy said, “Fortinet has also augmented its team methodically by onboarding individuals with strong OT backgrounds, each bringing invaluable insights from direct experiences on the plant floor and in generation sites. This targeted recruitment effort is complemented by Fortinet’s commitment to professional development, with the company actively upskilling existing team members to deepen their understanding of OT complexities. 

“Fortinet’s strategy is informed by a thorough understanding of compliance requirements, positioning the organisation as a leader ready to tackle the unique challenges of OT and CI security with innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. By staying ahead of global trends and legislative changes, Fortinet is not just responding to the present; it’s actively shaping the future of cybersecurity in the OT and CI domains.” 


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