ExtraHop® Launches Zero Trust Extension for Netskope
Introduces security service edge (SSE) integration to expand visibility across remote and distributed environments amid zero trust transformations
Posted: Wednesday, Nov 01
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  • ExtraHop® Launches Zero Trust Extension for Netskope
ExtraHop® Launches Zero Trust Extension for Netskope

Sydney, 1 November 2023 – ExtraHop, a leader in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), today announced the launch of the ExtraHop Zero Trust Extension for Netskope. The latest integration from ExtraHop will support enterprises on their zero trust journey, offering deep visibility into the behaviours and communications among devices and services in remote and distributed networks, across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud, at any scale.

Amid their zero trust transformations, organisations are turning to security service edge (SSE) solutions to secure distributed workers’ access to critical data and applications. Gartner predicts “by 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services, and private application access using a SASE/SSE architecture by 2025, up from 20% in 2021.” However, many SSE solutions lack the ability to inspect all traffic that traverses the network – a key requirement of NIST’s zero trust architecture model.

To overcome this challenge, ExtraHop is teaming up with SSE market leader Netskope to support Netskope’s recently-announced Cloud TAP, helping to close the network visibility gap and enable effective zero trust architectures. Joint customers will be able to analyse network data from Netskope Intelligent SSE using Reveal(x)™, the NDR platform from ExtraHop, to quickly detect and respond to security threats and performance issues in remote traffic and cloud-based applications.

As part of an early access program, enterprises using the ExtraHop Zero Trust Extension for Netskope can:

  • Close gaps in zero trust architectures and reduce risks by gaining visibility into previously inaccessible network segments.
  • Accelerate threat detections through remote endpoints and SaaS traffic.
  • Resolve performance issues faster and more reliably for business-critical apps on cloud infrastructure.
  • Strengthen compliance posture by gaining network telemetry for forensics and logging.

“Achieving a zero trust architecture is a priority for all enterprises, but selecting individual solutions and platforms that can work side-by-side to attain this framework can be a challenge,” said Chris Kissel, Research Vice President of Security Products, IDC. “The ExtraHop Zero Trust Extension for Netskope will move enterprises a step ahead in their zero trust journey. By using Netskope Intelligent SSE and Reveal(x) together, enterprises will uplevel visibility into their networks to give security teams the opportunity to identify and stop threats with greater speed and efficiency.”

The Reveal(x) platform is highly scalable, enabling enterprises to meet the demands of globally dispersed teams. With native integrations for common security tools like XDR, SIEM, SOAR, and logging solutions, ExtraHop’s built-in workflows simplify threat hunting and incident investigation to help organisations uncover the cybertruth and maintain their zero trust architectures. The company’s award-winning cloud-scale machine learning and AI support the detection of advanced threats like ransomware with high confidence, so they can see more, know more, and stop more cyberattacks.

“Netskope provides innovative visibility to network detection and response and network performance management solutions. Previously, these solutions were restricted to limited events and logs; now, they have full traffic capture between clients and offices to SSE cloud infrastructure,” said Andy Horwitz, VP Business Development and Technology Alliances, Netskope. “The 360-degree network visibility delivered by the Reveal(x) platform makes ExtraHop an ideal Netskope partner. As the analyst-validated leader in SSE, we will continue to accelerate innovation with ExtraHop.”

“A strong approach to cybersecurity based on zero trust principles is dependent on comprehensive network telemetry,” said Pete Lavache, SVP, Product, ExtraHop. “The ExtraHop Zero Trust Extension for Netskope brings together two best-of-breed platforms that help organisations detect and contextualise anomalous activity so they can address potential attacks and performance issues before it’s too late. With a well-integrated solution from ExtraHop and Netskope, enterprises can confidently move forward with their zero trust implementations.”

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