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Episode 213 Deep Dive: Karissa Breen | Weathering the Storms: KB’s Secrets to Resilience Against All Odds, Reciprocity in Business, and Building a Legacy
First Aired: September 29, 2023

In this bonus episode, we turn the tables around and feature KB as the guest of her own show. Jay Hira (Founder and Executive Director of MakeCyberSimple), an industry expert and long-time peer, takes the host’s seat and asks KB about her rollercoaster journey into the industry. From a belief in the transformative power of challenges to the importance of consistency and evolution, KB has navigated the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with determination. With gratitude for the support she’s given and the invaluable life lessons learned along the way, KB reflects on the wild and crazy ride of building her business and her brand. Join us as we delve into the power of perseverance, the impact of recognizing and believing in one’s identity, and the unwavering commitment to continual (and sometimes gradual) improvement. Get ready for an inspiring and honest conversation about triumphs, setbacks, and the exhilarating unpredictability of the entrepreneurial path.

Karissa Breen, more commonly known as KB, is a serial entrepreneur that founded KBI.Media, the independent & agnostic global cybersecurity media company. KB has been crowned LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology. KB is a Cybersecurity Investigative Journalist that hosts the flagship podcast, KBKast, interviewing cybersecurity practitioners from around the globe about security and the problems business executives face.

KB is known for asking hard-hitting questions and getting real answers from her guests, providing a unique yet neutral position on these topics. KB is also the Producer & Host of the streaming show,, where she asks questions to demystify the world of cybersecurity, providing insight into the world of security to business executives, and focuses on the downstream impacts these cybersecurity events have on our markets.



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