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CyAmast assists in identifying and addressing a range of anomalous behaviors and potential cyber risks pertinent to characteristics of communication patterns, configurations of protocols and/or software/firmware components, and profiles of certain contents exchanged among connected assets. This fully validates the end-to-end efficacy of the deployed controls in your network environments. Because of our unique technology, it can be carried out across nodes communicating via encrypted traffic too.

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Telecommunications Asset Deployments

The introduction of digital devices into just about everything we do is pervasive; smart vehicles, smart watches, smart homes, through to smart cities; IoT is already fundamentally reshaping our daily lives. The foundational infrastructure that allows the communication between devices and the collection of this data for processing and interpretation...

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Data Centres and Digital Assets

INTRODUCTION While the Internet of Things is rapidly gaining traction around the world, it's critical to remember one factor that is critical to the technology's existence and how, without it, the entire system could implode. Naturally, we’re referring to data. By 2025, it is anticipated that there will be over 65 billion active IoT devices worldwide, each...

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