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This page is for previously registered Guest Writers (or their representatives) to update any content they’ve posted to KBI.

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KBI.Media Guest Writer Quick Reference

Firstly, you can read our full Publishing Policy at any stage.

Secondly, you can provide a quick sanity check on your item to be published by confirming the following points:

  • Is this relevant for an audience of cyber professionals or others interested in the field?
  • Is the article original (even if published elsewhere) and doesn’t feature any plagerism?
  • Was the article written by a human rather than AI?
  • Have I included a supporting Featured Image or Company Logo of a resolution at least 512×512 pixels, and in the correct format of .jpg/.png for photo images, or an .svg format for the company/product logo?
  • Is this piece well-researched and factually correct?


If you’re able to confidently address the above, your piece should be published quickly and without any friction! If in doubt; ask by email  or by completeing the form towards the bottom of this page for even faster turn-around.

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