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KBI.Media helps organisations streamline their cybersecurity events. We’ve been involved with hundreds of events, and help businesses ensure their event has the right people hosting, speaking, and attending. 

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Running a successful event involves careful planning and execution, and there’s a recipe to it.

Define Your Objectives – Clearly outline your event’s goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve through this event? These objectives will guide your planning and execution.

Budgeting – Establish a realistic budget that covers all expenses, including venue, marketing, technology, staff, and any unexpected costs.

Marketing and Promotion – Utilize various marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising, to promote your event. In your case, as a marketing professional, leveraging your expertise in cybersecurity marketing is crucial.

Registration and Ticketing – Use an efficient online registration and ticketing system to make it easy for attendees to sign up and pay for tickets.

Content and Speakers – Ensure that your event offers valuable content. Select speakers or presenters who are experts in the field. This is where your focus on marketing for cybersecurity organizations could be valuable.

Technology and Production – Invest in the right technology for live streaming, if applicable. Test all equipment and systems well in advance to avoid technical glitches.

Attendee Engagement – Plan interactive sessions, Q&A opportunities, and networking breaks to keep attendees engaged.

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Getting your event planning on point is one challenge, the second is making sure people are aware it’s happening.

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When we promote your next event, our unique media footprint – focused exclusively on cybersecurity – helps provide a huge boost in terms of awareness. Not just of the event itself, but for your organisation as a whole, letting the community know what you’re doing and your relevance.



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Having founded KBI in 2016, KBI has forged close bonds with literally hundreds of niche experts from around the globe through commercial engagements, conventions, industry meet-ups, & personal interactions.

Our ’little black book’ ain’t so little!

Big or small, it can be next to impossible to find and organise the best cybersecurity speakers for any event. Fortunately, KBI has the network and trust of hundreds of security experts, and we understand their niches.

We know them. And through our media work, we know who’s good and who’s great when it comes to speaking. Furthermore, we help prepare and support each speaker prior to your events and manage the programming schedule for the day(s) too so that the presentations blend together seamlessly.

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