Autism Spectrum Australia Boosts Efficiency and Bolsters IT With Help From ManageEngine
Australia’s Largest Autism-Specific Service Provider Increased Efficiency and Streamlined Processes to Support Ongoing Care for the Autism Community
Posted: Tuesday, Feb 20
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  • Autism Spectrum Australia Boosts Efficiency and Bolsters IT With Help From ManageEngine
Autism Spectrum Australia Boosts Efficiency and Bolsters IT With Help From ManageEngine

SYDNEY, Australia — 20 Feb, 2023 — Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) has increased efficiency and streamlined processes for reliable IT support with the help of ManageEngine’s suite of products.

As a non-profit organisation and Australia’s largest autism-specific service provider, Aspect is conscious that efficacy gains in business operations are critical. These efficiency gains help ensure Aspect continues delivering services to people on the autism spectrum as well as providing much needed support to their families, carers, friends, and colleagues.

Aspect’s employees are fundamental to the support it provides. While traditionally these services were delivered face-to-face, in recent years there has been an increasing need to provide support online—whether through teletherapy, online assessments, distance education, or webinars delivered through its Aspect @nywhere program.

This program enables students, clients, and participants to access Aspect’s evidence-informed supports and services no matter where they are. Aspect’s IT team plays a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations and ensuring these services are delivered wherever they’re needed.

ManageEngine products have become integral to Aspect’s IT infrastructure, according to Aspect’s Senior Systems Engineer Tao Song.

Aspect’s IT team oversees a wide range of responsibilities ranging from servers and networking to database applications. It faced the challenges of responding promptly to user IT enquiries while prioritising network and system security, which is essential for the organisation’s well-being.

Additionally, the onboarding process for new employees involved time-consuming tasks such as creating user accounts, email addresses, and setting permissions.

Aspect has adopted several ManageEngine products, including Endpoint Central, ServiceDesk Plus, and AD360. These tools are used across the IT team, with each member leveraging them based on their daily tasks and responsibilities.

As the organisation has grown, the number of platforms required to deliver remote support has increased and onboarding has become a critical process. Song highlights the significance of ADManager in automating user account creation, email setup, and permissions assignment. “This automation significantly reduces the workload on the help desk team, allowing them to efficiently handle new starter onboarding tasks,” said Song.

Song says Endpoint Central has proven invaluable in patching servers. This enables Aspect to ensure its IT infrastructure is up to date with the latest security patches and more resilient to cyberattacks.  “Automating the deployment of patches and defining policies streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual efforts on each server.”

The remote control feature in Endpoint Central facilitates seamless support for end users, whether they are in the office or working remotely. This includes software deployment tailored to the organisation’s needs, contributing to the overall efficiency of daily administration.

“Service Desk Plus on the other hand, is being heavily used by the IT help desk. It is helping us to get the user enquiries resolved as quickly as possible,” Song said. Two additional instances – Tass and HR, have been onboarded. Tass supports Aspect’s internal education application, while HR serves as the service centre for HR-related enquiries.

Aspect has also expanded its use of ADSelfService Plus. Users can now independently handle tasks such as password changes and location updates, reducing dependence on the IT team and saving valuable time.

Of vital importance is Aspect’s satisfaction with ManageEngine’s support, emphasising the timely responses by the highly skilled team as well as its proactive approach. “ManageEngine not only addresses raised tickets promptly, but also anticipates and addresses potential requirements for Aspect,” said Song.

The continuous improvement of products and services by ManageEngine adds further value to the partnership.

The partnership between Autism Spectrum Australia and ManageEngine has resulted in increased efficiency and streamlined processes, enabling faster, reliable IT support, ultimately contributing to the organisation’s mission of providing exceptional care and support for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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About Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s largest autism-specific service provider, with one of the world’s biggest evidence-informed autism-specific school programs. A non-profit organisation, we work in partnership with people of all ages on the autism spectrum and their families to deliver distinct services, practices and research that recognise a different brilliant® – understanding, engaging and celebrating the strengths and interests of people on the autism spectrum.

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