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Episode 89: Phillip Campbell
First Aired: November 25, 2021

Phillip Campbell is the founder and CEO of enigmaFIT, a global executive brain coaching company. As a cognitive scientist, he continues to extensively research the brain and cognition.

He has developed a framework of how to optimize the integration of the left-hemisphere and right-hemisphere working together to create Brain Balance. Phillip has pioneered leadership development and learning agility areas approaches by leveraging the concepts of Fluid Thinking and Crystallized Knowledge, and providing the Fluid Thinking Development Program to the brightest leaders in our global business environment.

Phillip’s program is a refreshing and quantifiable approach to unlocking and harnessing the power of cognitive capability of individuals and organizations. His team at enigmaFIT provide cognitive development programs to C-suite and senior executives of global multinational companies across the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and also to successful entrepreneurs.

His methodology ensures that the best leaders become elite leaders, and exceed their potential by exponentially increasing their performance.


Download ‘Fluid Thinking’ PDF


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