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Episode 86: Lani Refiti
First Aired: November 04, 2021

Lani is a technologist, amassing 20+ years experience in fields such as cybersecurity, startups, IoT, AI and robotics.   He has worked for some of the largest organisations globally – Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, PwC and Deloitte and is currently the ANZ Director for Claroty.  He also has an interest in the startup sector, and is part of the founding team at Cybermetrix and Azcende.

In 2017 he co-founded and currently serves as CEO of IoTSec Australia, an industry initiative to advocate for safe and secure practices in the emerging Internet of Things area with a focus on critical infrastructure and smart cities.  Lani is also a practicing Psychotherapist after completing his Masters in 2015 and it gives him an uncommon approach when looking at the intersection of humanity and emerging technology.


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