Episode 81: Jay Hira

From an early age, Jay has been interested in computers, and is still fascinated by them and the impact they continue to have on our society. His first job out of university was at Wipro as a pen-tester, but he quickly and consistently climbed the ranks – or sometimes took a sideways move – to broaden his experience. As a result, Jay has had many different roles, ranging from technical, strategic, delivery, and customer-facing.

Jay moved continents and had to adapt to an entirely new city, a new way of life and a new culture. This taught him many things, such as personal resilience, the importance of building strong relationships, and how to pick new things up quickly. It’s also given him an incredibly diverse and broad perspective, which helps him get results.

Jay has been very strategic and proactive in his career moves, seeking opportunities to build out his skillset to help organisations protect and defend against cyber threats. I’m a team player and have always believed that teams can achieve more together than they can as individuals, which is very important to him as a leader. Jay has also discovered how fulfilling it can be to help others achieve their goals, which has fueled his passion for working with educators to help students develop skills to transition to the workforce successfully.

Jay wants to help organisations strengthen and shape their approach to cybersecurity through the alignment of cybersecurity outcomes with business success. Jay’s excited by what the future holds, which he believes puts him in a fantastic position to lead his teams and customers into the future.

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