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Episode 67: Wallon Walusayi
First Aired: April 13, 2021

Serial Entrepreneur Wallon Walusayi is the Co-Founder & CEO of 3Data Analytics, a 3D platform for Operations & Security. 3Data Analytics provided the first commercially available cloud-based XR platform 3Data Cloud and is now working with Large Enterprise & Aerospace/Defense companies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Wallon worked as a Data Analyst with Nike and in the Front office of the Milwaukee Brewers. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2015, founding one of the first 360 video live streaming companies and developing VR training simulators for RSA and Johnson Controls. In 2016 Wallon was NBC’s “SXSW featured entrepreneur” in 2017 he was named “Top 20 XR Person To Watch” and in 2018 named “SXSW Top 25 Startup” by Tech co.

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