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Episode 65: Blair Crawford
First Aired: March 25, 2021


Founder and Managing Director, Daltrey 

Blair Crawford is a biometrics and identity management specialist with extensive experience helping global organisations solve their most pressing cyber security, risk and compliance challenges. Leveraging this wealth of experience, he recently established Daltrey – a unique security solution that delivers biometrics as a service for workforce authentication, across all physical and digital access scenarios.  

Throughout his time working with diverse international companies and federal government agencies, Blair witnessed key industry developments that now make it possible for organisations to integrate biometrics as a viable, scalable authentication method and a solution to increased cyber threats and physical security breaches. The socialisation of biometric technology with Apple Touch ID was a huge advancement, but it was just the start. A more critical development was the increased accountability of C-Suite executives for the control and protection of user and client data, as per GDPR and CPAA. Identity access management is now recognised as a core part of any organisation’s cyber security strategy, with severe implications in place for failing to do so. The final enabler for Daltrey was the standardisation of interface specifications. This created a pathway for Blair and his team to build a system that establishes a centralised, trusted biometric identity, capable of being integrated across all access scenarios in a cost-effective way. 

Blair is an industry thought leader, regular guest speaker and the host of industry podcast, IDentity Today. He believes biometric technology is a convenient, powerful tool that can be used to create safer and more secure workplaces. He’s an firm advocate for self-sovereign identity and is driven to developing solutions that give users control over how their identity is used.


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